Euro Truck Simulator 3 - News and what we'd love to see

A sunny city with cars in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

A sunny city with cars in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is one of the best simulator video games of all time. This game was the first step into the sim driving for many people worldwide. But even though the game has much additional content, people report that playing the same game becomes boring over time. As a result, more and more Euro Truck Simulator 3 news and rumors appear on the internet.

Read this guide, and you will find Euro Truck Simulator 3 news and what we’d love to see in the game. There will be official comments on the game, rumours, and even subjective opinion on the newest ETS game.

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The bridge with cars in Euro Truck Simulator 2.
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Euro Truck Simulator 3 news

If you look at the news released a few years ago, you will find that developers had no plans to release Euro Truck Simulator 3. Instead, SCS Studios focused on developing ETS2, adding new DLC, trucks, and gradually turning this game into an unofficial expansion. Therefore, many people have started to consider ETS2 as the final project from SCS Software. Fortunately, it is not so.

You should take into account that ETS2 was released 10 years ago. Therefore, the game has significant engine limitations that can be fixed only by releasing a new instalment. Even though the developers can continue releasing new content to ETS2 for a few more years, they will face the underlying issues preventing them from updating the game. In that case, the only solution will be to release Euro Truck Simulator 3.

But nowadays, the new Euro Truck Simulator game’s release seems extremely unlikely. You will not find any information about the new ETC game, even if you watched the Christmas Special Live Stream 2022, in which the developers reveal their plans for the future. Developers announced the desire to add the West Balkans, Switzerland, new gas tanks, and other content for ETS2 without information about the new video game.

There is a high chance that once ETS3 is released on the market, it will be available not only on PC like its predecessor, but also on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Talking about Nintendo Switch, the Euro Truck Simulator series release is unlikely to appear here. The high graphics requirements would need Nintendo to make a more powerful console, which sounds unlikely for the next few years.

In such a complex situation as with Euro Truck Simulator 3, it is impossible to predict a particular release date. Moreover, in May 2022, SCS Software announced that they would not release the Heart of Russia DLC due to the conflict in Ukraine. It was planned to be one of the grandest DLCs in ETS2’s history. So, the developers have lost a couple of months on developing it.

If you summarise all facts, it becomes evident that the earliest release date for Euro Truck Simulator 3 is 2028, and the official release will likely be announced in 2025-2026. Creating a new ETS game and regularly updating Euro Truck Simulator 2 simultaneously would be challenging for developers.

A bridge with cars in Euro Truck Simulator 2.
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Five things people would like to see in Euro Truck Simulator 3

Next, let's talk about the most awaited features of a new Euro Truck Simulator game. Even though some of these features seem essential, they are the most frequently requested on various forums and Reddit.

Graphics engine

A new graphics engine is the main reason why most people want Euro Truck Simulator 3. Even though the developers regularly update ETS2, the restrictions of an old graphics engine are visible, especially if you compare ETS graphics with the newest video games. You can be sure that the new graphics engine would allow ETS3 to look better than Forza and other driving game titans.

Damage displayer for trucks

If you've played Euro Truck Simulator 2, you probably have noticed that the damage system works in a slightly unrealistic way. You just see the specific level of damage to your truck, and once it becomes critical, you should repair heading to a depot. Imagine that if you hit a car, you would get your bumper dented, or you need to refuel the oil once you pass thousands of miles across Europe. Sounds way more exciting, doesn’t it?

Complex routes

Even the most challenging routes in Euro Truck Simulator 2 become boring once you got enough experience. It transforms the game into endless transporting shipment using only straightforward routes. As a result, it is nearly impossible to find a player who does not want to get new, more complex routes in ETS3. Fortunately, there are various ways how developers can make the game more challenging.

More trucks

More trucks is both the most straightforward and complex request for SCS Software. Even though Euro Truck Simulator 2 is full of various unique trucks, people want to see more vehicles in the newest ETS game. Moreover, players also want to see detailed 4K models with comprehensive customisation to make their truck looks unique.


Quests could significantly diversify the gameplay in the newest Euro Truck Simulator game. They can be added as secondary missions or like the entire storyline, allowing people to pass a truck driver’s career from scratch. Quests will be the perfect option to spend your time in the game and an excellent opportunity to make money. Also, it would be perfect if quests were available in multiplayer mode.

That’s it for the release of Euro Truck Simulator 3. Even though the game is yet to be officially announced, many fans of the legendary series have significant expectations. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best sports games.

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