Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII voice actors - All returning VAs

The Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion voice actors list should excite anyone who thoroughly enjoyed the performance of the Final Fantasy VII Remake cast. Though the original PSP release was fully voiced already, the voice acting added to Final Fantasy VII Remake required cast parity with the other games in the series, leading to Reunion using re-recorded lines with voice actors that differ to the original.

Down below, we'll list off who voices who in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, who they replace, and where else you might have heard their work. It's always fun to think "I know that voice" and imagine one character as another based on their voice actor. So let's dig in.

If you're wondering whether or not you can fit Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion into your Christmas break, we've got a guide on how long is Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion up and ready for launch.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion voice actors

Old VA
New VA
Zack Fair
Rick Gomez
Caleb Pierce
Lance Bass
Tyler Hoechlin
Genesis Rhapsodos
Oliver Quinn
Shaun Conde
Angeal Hewley
Josh GIlman
Bill Millsap
Aerith Gainsborough
Andrea Bowen
Briana White
Cloud Strife
Steve Burton
Cody Christian

Zack Fair

Voiced by Rick Gomez in the original release and the movie Advent Children, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion re-records Zack Fair with the talent of Caleb Pierce. You'll have heard his efforts already at the end of Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Again replaced to align with the voice cast of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Lance Bass is, again, replaced as the traditional talent of Sephiroth by Tyler Hoechlin.


Voicing the LOVELESS-obsessed Genesis, the rich boy who just won't go away, is Shaun Conde. He replaces Oliver Quinn from the original PSP release as well as Robin Atkin Downes who voiced him in Dirge of Cerberus.

Angeal Hewley

Bill Milsap replaces Josh Gilman in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion to take over as Angeal Hewley, Zack's mentor and closest friend in SOLDIER. His deadpan delivery of "World domination" is still as absurd as ever.

Aerith Gainsborough

Though Aerith has been voiced by numerous different artists over the year, Briana White reprises the role she made her own in Final Fantasy VII Remake, replacing Andrea Bowen who voiced her in the original release of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII.

Cloud Strife

Cody Christian took the lead in Final Fantasy VII Remake and continues his take on the brooding mercenary in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, replacing Steve Burton's original version.

There are dozens of other characters who are fully voiced in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Ranging from the SOLDIER Director to the Turks and various other side characters like Tifa, we'll list them out in time. For more voice actor lists, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom one.

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