COD Mobile Season 1 2023 - Start date, maps, guns, and more

COD Mobile Season 1 2023
Credit: Activision

COD Mobile Season 1 2023
Credit: Activision

The new year is well underway and attention is already turning to the launch of COD Mobile Season 1 2023. The latest seasonal update to Call of Duty's mobile offering is the first major update of the year and contains plenty of new content for you to get stuck into.

With millions of players dropping into the action on a regular basis, there's still plenty getting their fix of multiplayer as the hype surrounding the release of Warzone Mobile begins to build. Before then, Season 1 of COD Mobile features a new map and a new weapon to master.

Elsewhere in the Call of Duty world, take a look at the current Warzone 2 meta along with the latest intel on the Warzone Mobile release date.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023 release date

On January 9, the COD Mobile Twitter account unveiled the first teaser for Season 1. It also announced the new season will begin on January 18 which is just a few weeks away.

In addition, the trailer reveals the name of the season alongside the theme which celebrates the Year of the Rabbit.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023 name

Season 1 of COD Mobile in 2023 is known as Reawakening, reflecting on the start of a brand-new year of content. It's unclear if the name ties in with any ongoing storylines between the Operators.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023 logo
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Credit: Activision

COD Mobile Season 1 2023 maps

The Season 1 trailer showcases an overhaul to the hugely popular Nuketown map to coincide with the Year of the Rabbit celebrations. Nuketown Temple will undergo a transformation reflecting the theme of the new season.

As launch day nears, expect to see a closer look at the revamped Nuketown Temple map!

Dingo COD Mobile Season 1 2023
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Credit: Activision

COD Mobile Season 1 2023 guns

Thanks to a recent COD Mobile Season 1 2023 leak, the Dingo LMG is on its way as part of the update. Fans of the franchise will remember the Dingo from Black Ops 3 multiplayer and bucks the trend of COD Mobile bringing classic weapons from other titles into the mix.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023 scorestreaks

Alongside new weapons, a brand-new Scorestreak is coming to COD Mobile as part of the Reawakening update. The Wheelson from the recent Modern Warfare reboots is expected to arrive into the ever-expanding selection of Streaks.

You can control the Wheelson through a remote control that comes with the ability to fire a fully-automatic machine gun.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023 perks and equipment

Thanks to a recent test server build, players have discovered a new perk and piece of equipment expected to arrive in Season One.

The Unit Support Perk enables players to earn a slice of all Operator Skill earned by their teammates. Here's a closer look at the in-game description:

“Players will receive 20% of Operator Skill charging gained from every teammate’s kill; meanwhile, charging gained by self will be a 60% reduction. Player will receive 4% of Scorestreak charging gained from teammates; this bonus will be increased to 10% while capturing the Hardpoint.”

As for the equipment, it's great news if you're after a temporary boost of health in the heat of battle. The Stim Shot from Black Ops 4 and more recent releases is perfect for escaping some tricky situations during a match.

As with all leaks, take them with a pinch of salt as there's always a chance they're in the test build ready for a future update. We'll update the guide with the latest intel as soon as we hear it.

That's all you need to know about the COD Mobile Season 1 2023 update so far. For more Call of Duty, take a look at our Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 pages.

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