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The main character in chemistry class in Bully.

The main character in chemistry class in Bully.

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Even 16 years after the release of the first Bully game, Bully 2 news is still widely discussed on the internet. Rockstar Games is one of the most popular game companies, and its cult classic game Bully is a great example of its high-quality output.

In this hub, you will find all Bully 2 news and what we’d love to see in the game. There will be official information and various leaks and rumors that will help you form your opinion about Bully 2.

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Bully 2 latest news

Billy talking to the headmaster in Bully.
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As you probably know, Bully was released in 2006. Since then, a sequel has become one of the most rumoured releases from Rockstar Games. Not only ordinary fans, but also the developers love Bully, even though the game was released over 10 years ago. For example, in 2011 Dan Houser announced that Bully will have a continuation, proving it is a beloved franchise for many developers.

In 2016, a remastered version of Bully was re-released on PlayStation 4, which is another sign that developers haven't forgetten about the game. But you should take into account that even the six-year old release does not mean that developers are working on Bully 2 nowadays.

Conversely, if you look at Rockstar Games, you will find that developers are focused on the new GTA 6. They hint to the audience that the new GTA video game is under active development, shading the possibility of Bully 2 release in the next few years.

If you look at the internet, you will find various rumours that Bully 2 might get released after GTA 6. But taking it with a grain of salt is recommended. After GTA 6, they will be drawn into releasing various events, bug fixes, and updates, especially to the online mode. Therefore, it seems that chances for Bully 2 release under such conditions are slim.

The only way Rockstar Games might release Bully 2 is the combination of two factors. The first condition is the successful release of GTA 6, and the second is the widely required release of Bully 2. Even though it might seem these requirements are straightforward, you should not expect the Bully 2 sooner than 2027 at best. Moreover, the release date might be changed if people do not press for a Bully 2 release after GTA 6.

Top five things people want to see in Bully 2

The character next to the school in Bully.
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You can be sure that since 2006, when the Bully got its public release, there have been various exciting ideas for the new Bully game. Even though some of them might sound crazy and unrealistic, many fan-made ideas could significantly improve Bully 2. Continue reading the hub and you'll discover the top five things players want to see in Bully 2.

Character creation

Even though Rockstar Games doesn't often include comprehensive character creation options, the idea of adding character creation into Bully 2 perfectly suits the concept of the game. Moreover, it would be best to change not only the physical parameters of your character but also their background story, friends, and opponents. It would make for a proper high school simulator!

More minigames

Minigames could easily be the most exciting part of Bully 2. The only problem with minigames is that it is possible to spend long hours playing them and not notice them. Fortunately, there are various options for how the developers can add new minigames to Bully 2.

They might be easily implemented as a part of classes, as is the case in Hogwarts Legacy. Also, the necessary condition is to make minigames entirely accessible. People want to enjoy them whenever they want, without restrictions or specific conditions to fit in.

Larger map

Increasing the map size is one of the most frequently required things for Bully 2. Even though it might seem that a more extensive map is a noticeable feature that will be added to the new Bully game, it is impossible to ignore it when talking about the most desired changes.

The necessary requirement for Bully 2 is that the game features a significant open-world map. Bully fans want to explore not only the school and areas around it, but also the city and other exciting locations.

More weapons

More weapons are another requirement for Bully 2. People want to see much broader weapons choice in the new Bully game.

The perfect idea is to connect the weapons with the background story of your characters, priorities, and chosen side activities. For example, if you like chemistry and spend a lot of time in labs, you can create chemical weapons that will deal massive damage. Even though it might sound pretty challenging, it will significantly diversify the gameplay, making Bully 2 much more interesting than its predecessor. Just don't expect any properly brutal weapons!

New combat

Even though new combat is the last thing in this list, it is one of the significant changes needed in Bully 2. After the unsuccessful and boring combat system in the first Bully, Rockstar games should do great work to create an exciting combat system in Bully 2. Also, a good idea is not to not copy the combat from other video games but create something innovative. It would help Bully 2 draw much more attention.

That’s it for the latest Bully 2 news and rumours. The game is unlikely to get released in the next few years, but you should not lose track of it! While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free puzzle games.

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