Apex Legends Spellbound collection event - patch notes, start date, and more

Apex Legends Spellbound event Seer Heirloom
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

As Season 15 for Apex Legends rumbles on, it's time for a brand-new collection event to arrive in the hugely popular battle royale. The Apex Legends Spellbound collection event sees a wealth of new content including an opportunity to obtain a coveted heirloom for the best Apex Legends characters.

Just like previous collection events, you'll need to earn a variety of items in order to obtain the Heirloom. In addition to the items, there's a returning LTM and a few balancing changes in a bid to level the playing field.

Before we reveal more intel on the Apex Legends Spellbound collection event, don't forget to check out our guide highlighting the best Apex Legends guns to use.

When is the Apex Legends Spellbound collection event?

The Spellbound event runs for two weeks starting on January 10 and ending on January 24. It's a relatively short window to earn all of the items but it's certainly achievable.

Apex Legends Spellbound event Seer heirloom

Seer is the latest Legend to receive a coveted heirloom. The item is a unique set of sickles that sit above his knuckles. When activated, they extend, retract, and look like they deal plenty of damage if anyone gets too close for comfort.

To get your hands on the heirloom, earn all 24 items in the collection by opening Apex packs, purchasing them in the store, or crafting them.

Apex Legends Control LTM

Alongside the variety of cosmetic items, the Spellbound collection event also includes the return of the Control LTM. The mode will be live throughout the event and will contain the following map rotation:

  • Olympus: Hammond Labs
  • World's Edge: Laval Siphon
  • Storm Point: Barometer

Respawn Entertainment also details a few adjustments to the mode:

  • oin In Progress extended further into match ( Matchmaking will try to fill empty player slots until 1 team has a score of 625 or there is a score difference of 300 between the teams)
  • Players that join a match in progress get some helpful boosts for their first spawn:
    • Skip the first spawn wave
    • Spawn with Purple Armor and Helmet
    • Get a full Ratings Tier ( Purple Weapons and an Ultimate Charge)
  • Added new end-of-match XP reward to Control (150 XP for completing a match).
  • If a team is losing by a score of 62 or more, they skip spawn waves.
  • Added Distance Indicator on the MRB in-world Icon.
  • Added Time Remaining Indicator on the MRB spawn point Map Icon.
  • Display a hint message when MRB placement is not possible explaining why placement is failing (too close to friendly or enemy Home Base, too close to a Zone).
  • Bloodhound clues clean up after 30 secs instead of 90 secs.
  • Clean up Bloodhound clues when the player that left them behind dies (except for the player death clue).
  • Some more spawn tuning to further try to prevent players from spawning close to enemies.
  • Set the Inventory Tab as the default ( instead of Scoreboard ) when accessing menus during gameplay.
  • Updates to Loadouts in the Loadout Selection Menu based on Weapon Meta Changes
  • Bug and Crash Fixes
Apex Legends Vantage legend
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Credit: Respawn Entertaiment

Apex Legends Spellbound event patch notes

Crafting Rotation

  • G7 Scout enters the crafter
  • C.A.R. SMG enters the crafter
  • Spitfire returns to the floor
  • Peacekeeper returns to the floor

Anvil Receiver Hop-Up

  • Limb damage multiplier reduced to 0.75 (was 0.9)
  • Flatline damage reduced to 39 (was 43)
  • R301 damage reduced to 32 (was 35)

G7 Scout

  • Damage reduced to 32 (was 34)

Prowler Burst PDW

  • Damage increased to 15 (was 14)


  • Now requires 1 shield cell to Energize (was 2)

That's everything there is to know about the Apex Legends Spellbound collection event. For more Apex Legends intel, take a look at our page for all the latest news and guides on the battle royale.

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