Anthem 2 - News and what we'd love to see

The character fights monsters in Anthem.

The character fights monsters in Anthem.

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Looking for Anthem 2 news? Even though Anthem is no longer especially popular, the gaming community doesn't miss an opportunity to discuss the release of the sequel. Various Anthem 2 rumours regularly appear on the internet, both important and interesting.

In this hub, you will find the latest Anthem 2 news and what we’d love to see in the game. There will be information, valuable rumours, personal opinion, and other things that might draw your attention.

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Anthem 2 latest news

The character shooting a wrist rocket in Anthem.
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In recent years, most people thought that Anthem 2 would release in late 2022. Even though this was only a rumour, this prospective release date swirled around, but as you can see, the year ended without the released sequel.

In 2021, when discussions about Anthem 2 reached their peak, BioWare decided to comment on the upcoming sequel, disappointing many players worldwide. Executive producer Christian Dailey said, “In the spirit of transparency and closure we wanted to share that we’ve made the difficult decision to stop our new development work on Anthem (aka Anthem NEXT). We will, however, continue to keep the Anthem live service running as it exists today.”

Even though there were no more comments about this decision and why it was taken, the most likely reason is money. The start of 2021 was probably one of the most critical pandemic periods. Most developers were forced to work online, and that significantly decreased the developing potential of BioWare. Therefore, further money investing into the game was a risky decision for EA.

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If you look at the statistics nowadays, you will find out that the Anthem community is still alive. The game draws the attention of 10 to 20 thousand people daily, which is a considerable number for a video game that has not been updated for two years. Moreover, you can find an active subreddit and various other forums dedicated to Anthem.

Even though it might seem unrealistic, one main factor might make the Anthem 2 release come true. The most important one is the popularity of the game in the game industry. You should always keep in mind that the development of video games is a big, profit-driven business.

So, if EA sees that an Anthem 2 release is widely requested in society, they could release such an anticipated Anthem sequel.

Five things we want to see in Anthem 2

Multiple characters in Anthem.
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People still create various exciting ideas for this game. Of course, most of them may never see the implementation in the final product. But there is no doubt that some of the suggested changes are worth your attention. Read this guide, and you will find out the top five things people want to see in Anthem 2.

New gear and weapons

One of the most exciting things about Anthem is that it boasts exciting gear and weapons. People want to see even more equipment if a new game gets released. Also, fans want to see more Exceptional Items. This is one of the main distinguishing features that might make Anthem 2 significantly differ from other games.

Release on new consoles

The original Anthem game was only released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Many people with the newest consoles are eager to enjoy the Anthem series. So, we all hope that Anthem 2 will be available on the newest consoles with crossplay options built in.

More customisation

Skills, abilities, and mods are perfect options for the developers to allow players to make their Javelins more unique. Even though these systems were implemented in the first Anthem game, many hope to get them significantly updated in future releases.

More enemies

Unfortunately, you will spend most of your time playing Anthem killing Scars, Outlaws, Chimeras, and Titans. This simply isn't enough to keep players excited in the game. Working on Anthem 2, the developers should put a lot of effort into enemies’ systems to make them much better and more diverse than in its predecessor.

UI improvements

It is nearly impossible to overestimate the role of a good UI in video games. Unfortunately, the original Anthem had some patchy UI design. If you play the game for a long time, you might notice that some messages block key elements on the screen. Therefore, fixing them in a new Anthem game would be best.

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