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The Imposter is killing the Crewmate in Among Us
Credit: Steam

The Imposter is killing the Crewmate in Among Us
Credit: Steam

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Among Us became a cultural phenomenon a few years ago. Although its peak player counts are behind us, that hasn’t stopped it from being any less popular. However, if you’re wondering when Inner Sloth will announce the Among Us 2 release date, then you’re out of luck. It cancelled the game and instead decided to put all of its efforts into the existing game.

This was probably the right move for Inner Sloth to make. It kept the player base in one area and made sure that the team could work on basic quality-of-life upgrades while also releasing new content. While it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see an Among Us 2, there are a list of features we would love to see added to Among Us.

If you're new to Among Us, check out our beginner's article on how to sabotage when you're the imposter. There are also rumours that Master Chief will be coming to Among Us soon, where he would be joining the Rachet and Clank skins that were added earlier last year.

Among Us 2 news

The Among Us developers, Inner Sloth, announced that there would be an Among Us 2 sequel in the works in August 2020. However, only a month later in September 2020, it announced that the game was official cancelled.

Although Among Us 2 had only ever reached the brainstorming stage, it had created a lot of new ideas that they wanted added into the game. These were maps, such as The Airship, and the different modes that are available now.

An Among Us player is foolishly trying to hide behind a see-through glass unit.
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Credit: Inner Sloth

What we'd love to see in Among Us 2

More ways to hide for both imposter and survivors

The only way to hide as an Imposter in Among Us is to find an air duct and vent away. This will allow you to teleport to a different area on the map, or just lay low for a little while. However, this is quite limited and becomes predictable.

It would be great for there to be more places to hide in Among Us. This could be things like lockers, trunks, or under desks. It would also be a lot of fun to let Crewmates hide as well. This would make it more difficult to tell who is an Imposter and who is a survivor, but it would also give players a chance to hide when they’re being chased.

This mechanic would also work really well in some of the other modes like Hide and Seek. It would require a bit of effort to make more areas interactive like this, but it would be worth it. Having new hiding mechanics would breathe new life into the game and make it more fun to play.

More things for ghosts to do

One of the worst things about dying in Among Us is that it doesn’t even get you out of doing your chores. The ghosts still have to complete their tasks in the world. This can be frustrating for the live players, too. They cannot win unless all of the ghosts have finished their tasks, which can give an easy win to the Imposter.

In order to combat boredom from the ghosts, they could be given more to do. They could be given a way to warn players that somebody is coming from a direction, which could be used to either help the imposters or survivors. Ghosts could close doors, or even sabotage the Imposters to try and save their crewmates.

A player in Among Us is crippled with choice when it comes to all of the new customisable options.
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Credit: Inner Sloth
So many options, such little money

More customisation options

Among Us has done a great job with providing loads of customisable options. There are many different types of hats for players to choose from, as well as outfits and colours. These can help identify potential Imposters in the game, as well as just make you feel really cool while doing your tasks.

It would be great to see even more options in Among Us 2, though. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to allow players to alter the colour of the hats and accessories. This would make you feel like you had a lot more options, even though it’s only some extra colours that were added.

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Ability to move dead bodies

When you’re playing as the Imposter, you have to have a solid strategy about where you kill a Crewmate. If you leave a body in a room, then you have to be careful about what tasks are in there. Alternatively, if you kill someone in a corridor, then they’re guaranteed to be found pretty fast.

If Among Us 2 added the ability to move dead bodies, it would drastically alter the gameplay. This could be useful in a few different ways. For example, you could kill a Crewmate in a corridor and then move them to a room where you know that all of the tasks have been completed. There could even be some teamwork between Imposters, where one kills and the other moves.

This would come at the risk of having another survivor see you though. If you’re moving a body to flush them out of the airlock and another person runs past, consider yourself quite certainly ejected from the ship.

CREWMATE: There are 3 Imposters among us
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Credit: Steam
Great for people with anxiety and bloodlust alike.

A separate queue for Crewmate or Imposter

There is nothing that gets the heart rate going like being chosen as the Imposter. It comes with a lot of responsibility, role play, and arguing with the rest of the crew. Some people really like this aspect. For others, however, it can cause a lot of anxiety and stress.

Among Us 2 could introduce a queue system, similar to the one found in Dead by Daylight. This would allow players to set a preference for which role they want to play as. This would mean that the players who just want to survive as innocent Crewmates don’t need to worry about being the Imposter. Equally, for players who find the Crewmate gameplay too boring, they can ensure that they remain as the Imposter.

Of course, this would have to be introduced carefully. There would still have to be an open queue that fed into the split queue system. It might also be best if those who queued as dedicated Imposters had randomised outfits and anonymous names. This would prevent people from recognising them between games.

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