Horizon Forbidden West Gets a New Story Trailer

With Horizon Forbidden West a month away from launching, Sony's graced fans with a new story trailer. Introducing us to various new characters Aloy's meeting in this upcoming adventure, it also reveals how the Forbidden West operates, and why things are more dangerous now than ever before.

Outlined in an official PlayStation Blog, it first confirms that Zero Dawn characters like Varl and Erend are returning, joined by new characters like Zo, Alva, and Kotallo. A new character named Tilda was also detailed, one with “a special connection to the ancient past,” making her an important part of the game’s story.

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Horizon Forbidden West Gets A New Story Trailer One Month Before Release

Aloy will also face a deadly new tribe with the ability to control machines, some even deadlier than those in Horizon Zero Dawn. Despite being listed as a Story Trailer, there's no major spoilers here, so anyone wanting to go into Horizon Forbidden West blind doesn’t have to worry.

Fans can get their hands on Horizon Forbidden West when the game comes to PS4 and PS5 on February 18. A PC release is rumoured but right now, that remains unconfirmed. We'll keep you updated with further Horizon news as it happens.

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