Horizon Forbidden West Daunt Relic Ruin Walkthrough

Horizon Forbidden West Daunt Relic Ruins

Horizon Forbidden West Daunt Relic Ruins

Horizon Forbidden West is a vast open-world action role-playing game from Guerilla Games. On her quest to save the world again, Aloy ventures into the mysterious Forbidden West. Along with new threats to navigate, there is a brand new world filled with ruins for her to discover.

Ruins are old structures, buildings, and creations left behind by the old ones (us). Aloy must use all of her knowledge and skills to be able to explore them safely. Doing so is almost always worth it. Ruins can contain high-tier loot or artifacts such as "ornaments". Sometimes the loot can be sold to special merchants for a good price, used in crafting ammunition, or simply go towards a 100% completion status.

In this guide, we're going to walk you through how to complete the Daunt Relic Ruin, one of the first ones Aloy comes across in the Forbidden West.

The Daunt Relic Ruin Walkthrough

Find the Ruin

The Daunt Relic Ruin is South of Chainscrape. If you're having trouble finding it, here's its location on the map:

Horizon Forbidden West Daunt Relic Ruin Location on Map
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Get Into the Ruin

Enter the ruin through the main door for the building on the lefthand side of the building. When you are in the building, use a pulse scan and look to your left. You should see a crate on the ground. You can use your Pullcaster to pull this or you can walk up to it and press triangle to grab it. Once you've grabbed the crate, pull it back into the main room while looking upwards. The upper platform near the door will have a climbing hold on it, stop moving the crate once you're below this. Use the crate as a platform to grab onto the climbing hold and pull yourself up onto the platform. When you're up there, there will be a door on your right. Interact with it and you'll learn that you need a key to open it.

Search for the Key

From the door, walk out onto the balcony to your left then follow the path around the outside of the building. You will need to run and jump to clear the gap between the two buildings. Once you are on the other side of the gap, follow the last bit of the path into the next building.

Drop down into the building and hold R3 to go into Focus Mode. On a desk near the back of the building, there is a Data Point. Scan this with your focus and open it. Scroll down to the bottom of the text to find the code for the door (1705). You will need this later on. Now, look up from the Data Point and to the left. You should see a crate on a ledge. Use your Pullcaster to pull it down. Once it's on the floor, pull it over to the Data Point. Use the crate to climb up to the small ledge above you with the chest on it. Loot the chest then look across and up to your left. You should see a Pullcaster interaction pattern on the front of a crate. Use your Pullcaster to pull it down and it will create a small ledge. You can jump to it from the ledge you are on.

Horizon Forbidden West Daunt Relic Ruin Roof Crate Interaction Pullcaster Point
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If you want an alternative, drop back down to the floor of the room, then scan with your focus and look up next to the crate ledge you've made. There's another Pullcaster point that will pull down a beam. Once the beam is down, pull the ground crate over to it and climb up to it. This will then take you up to the crate ledge. Either way, when you are on the crate ledge, follow it through to the other side.

You'll now be in a room with a giant hole in the floor. Drop down into this room and turn around to face the wall. There will be another Pullcaster point on it, use the tool to pull the wall down. This will give you an important path back into the other room for later on. For now, head down into the hole.

Walk down the ramp until you hit the back wall. There are a bunch of climbing points on it. Start to climb up it, the climbing hold will break (this is meant to happen), and you need to continue following the path down the dark hole. When you get to another seemingly dead end, press and hold R3 to go into Focus Mode. In this mode, look up at the ceiling to find another Pullcaster point. Use the tool to bring the roof down to make a large hole. Head back out of the dark hole into the room and walk through to the room with the Data Point in it.

Horizon Forbidden West Daunt Relic Ruin Dark Hole Pullcaster Roof Point
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Grab the crate from the Data Point room and push it down into the hole that you made in the dark hole. Then, simply pull the crate to the broken climbing hold and use it to climb up to the next set of climbing holds. Follow them up to the next ledge. When you are on the ledge in the roof, look down at the balcony below you. Carefully jump down to the balcony and the key will be on your right. Grab it, then jump off the balcony to make your way back to the door room.

Open the Door

When you are back at the door, head to the console to put the key into it. Then, follow the prompt to put in the door code (1705) and the door will open. Once you collect the ornament behind the door, this relic ruin will be marked complete.

There are many other Relic Ruins for you to find in Horizon Forbidden West, the one at the Daunt is just the beginning. If you want to work on your machine hunting skills, then take a look at our Hunting Grounds guide. In it, we detail what the Hunting Grounds are and why they're worth doing. The Forbidden West is a vast place, therefore it can become slightly tiresome to get around on foot. Check our Fast Travel guide to learn how to get around the Forbidden West quickly.

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