How Long To Beat Hitman 3 Main Campaign

Hitman 3 is set to be a fantastic send off for the World of Assination trilogy, but we get it you’re a busy person!

You don’t have time to play 100s of hours even if the game is amazing.

Here’s how long it will take to beat Hitman 3 so you know the commitment you’ll have to put into the game.

How Long Is Hitman 3?

It depends on what you want from the game.

If you’re looking to race through missions and the story you could probably wrap up most of what the game has to offer within 8 hours.

Though this is only based on playing each level once, and Hitman incentivises players to replay over and over.

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Agent 47 has a job to do, and quickly! (Image: IO Interactive)

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With Escalations, Mission Stories, Mastery Rewards, Challenges and Master Difficulty you could easily spend this amount of time per level!

Hitman 3 will also let you reduce the time a bit as well through Shortcuts, giving new incentives to explore!

Perhaps on a level, you may find a ladder than can be knocked down or a door that only opens from one side.

If you unlock the door or move the ladder you will then find that it has been moved in all subsequent playthroughs, giving you quick ways to reach a target!

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We hope this all answers you question and if you do pick Hitman 3 up, be sure to check out our guides for all your assassination needs.

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