Hitman 3: How To Unlock Weapons

It’s so much fun being able to take different weapons to set up kills in Hitman.

Finding unique combinations of items which can help you eliminate the different targets.

Though, your starting pool of items is a little small.

Here’s how to unlock more weapons in the latest title, Hitman 3!

Unlocking More Weapons

Play Hitman 2 (and Hitman 1)

If you already own Hitman 2 (and the 2016 Hitman) your progression from that game will be carried over.

All locations and any items you unlocked along the way can be brought with you into Hitman 3.

You’ll also have the opportunity to play some of this generation’s best games.

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Become the Hitman (Image: IOI)

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Play Then Play Agin

The best way to unlock weapons is to play the game lots, completing missions multiple times.

Try completing missions using different methods and hunt out challenges and achievements to earn location XP.

As you get more you’ll rank up and unlock weapons from the location’s track!

These unlocks can then help you earn more rewards, it’s a win-win!

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Complete Specific Challenges

Certain missions and challenges can have their own unlock rewards.

You can see these from the main menu, and if you want to unlock those weapons make sure to prioritise those objectives!

When the game releases, be sure to check back for guides on how to complete these levels and earn some cool items fast!

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Spend, Spend, Spend

Be it preorder bonuses or item packs, you could also spend a bit of extra cash to unlock new weapons!

Keep an eye out for deals and offers when the game releases

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