Hitman 3 Dartmoor Clue Locations: All Clues To Find Out Who Killed Zachary

Dartmoor, the second location in Hitman 3, is easily a highlight of the game (we said as much in our review).

While Agent 47's mission is to carry out a hit, an ongoing murder mystery means the location can offer more complexity than it first appears.

If you choose to solve the murder of Zachary, you'll be hunting for clues and interviewing witnesses throughout the huge estate. Here's where to find them all, but be warned – Spoilers Ahead!

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Hitman 3 Dartmoor Clue Locations: All Clues To Find Out Who Killed Zachary

Here's where to find the clues for each location.

Emma and Gregory's Room

  • Bulldog Cane – Next to the door to the bedroom.
  • Muddy Shoes – Next to the fireplace.
  • Letter – On the Nightstand.
  • Greenhouse Key – Next to the luggage.


  • Lab Equipment – grab a wrench from the large fountain to fix the equipment.
  • Poison Chart – Scan open book on the table with the camera.

Mr Fernsby's Office

  • List – On the desk.
  • Half-Burnt Diary – In the fireplace.
  • Painkillers – On the windowsill.

Rebecca's Room

  • Laptop – Center table
  • Notes – Scan documents by the fireplace

Zachary's Room

  • Suicide Note – Next to the fireplace.
  • Laptop – On the desk.
  • Body – In the bed.
  • Whiskey Bottle – Scan the bottle on the nightstand.
  • Hidden Passage – Use "Instinct" to spot a book that can be pulled to open a passageway.
  • Floorplans – Inside the passage.

Interview Locations

There are four interviews to conduct.

Emma and Gregory are in the Sitting Room, while Edward is in the Dining Room playing the piano. Rebecca can be found in the Sitting Room or the Trophy Room, while Patrick is around the Library.

Who Is The Killer?

Once you've gathered the evidence, speak to the Butler and request an audience with Alexa to make your decision.

The correct culprit is Emma, and selecting her will let you claim the Case File as a reward – handily, that's one of the mission objectives. How you kill Alexa is your call, but if you let her head to the balcony you can give her a shove and let gravity do the rest.

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