Winter Veil Returns To Hearthstone Again This Year: Here Is What You Need To Know

Winter Veil is the holiday celebration for the Warcraft franchise, so it's no surprise to see it celebrated in Hearthstone as well, with a new quest chain coming this year, players can participate in a number of activities, and earn some limited-time rewards to use all year round.

Winter Veil events will begin on the 21st of December, with the new quest chain opening up which tasks players to complete three quests, which award 1 Fractured in Alterac Valley pack, and 1 Standard Pack each, for a total of six-packs altogether.

The Gift Exchange tavern brawl returns, with both players fighting for gift drops from Greatfather Winter, which include powerful bonuses needed to finish their opponents off. The following week, Greatfather Kobald arrives to deliver presents in the Wacky Waxy Winter Veil Brawl.

Players who win this mode for the first time are awarded the Winter Veil Treat card back instead of the normal pack rewards.

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Winter Veil Returns To Hearthstone Again This Year: Here Is What You Need To Know

Starting on the 21st of December, players can log in and visit the shop where they will find a free Snowman Thrall skin, which Shaman players can use as an alternative art.

For players willing to spend some extra cash on the shop, there are also a number of additional Winter Veil-themed cosmetic items that can be purchased for traditional Hearthstone modes and Battlegrounds.

The festivities will stay around until January 19th, giving players just under a month to log in and participate in the event and claim their free rewards.

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