"I'm not even aiming" - xQc Bashes Aim Assist on Halo Infinite

There was a lot of fan acclaim for Halo Infinite when it was released. There are glitches and bugs in the game, but one of the biggest is the aim assist. 343 Industries has made the game a bit too easy for console players, and Felix 'xQc' Lengyel is upset.

xQc showed how broken the new aim assist is and how little someone needed to aim to get great shots. Normally, we report on this stuff, but I have never seen anything so bad. It's just following the players by itself.

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Halo Infinite aim assist

Former FPS professional xQc is well known. It is like he has been aiming with the best of the best in FPS games. When he says the aim is broken, you can believe it is broken.

This clip was found by my friend Alex Garton of Dexerto:

It may not be as damning, but this tweet really demonstrates how broken the whole thing is:

I think there's a problem if xQc says he made great shots without even touching his joystick. Although we saw this issue before release, it seems like the aim assist will continue to be overpowered until 343 Industries fixes it.

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