TSM Snip3down Proves Halo Infinite Aim Assist Aims By Itself

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The beta for Halo Infinite has been quite revealing, but never in this way. Eric "Snip3down" Wrona left his computer desk, and his chat saw his weapon move slowly on its own. When the enemy moved too fast, the aim would stop following, but it followed perfectly if the enemy moved slowly enough.

After being surprised by the incident, Snip3down took to Twitter to ask the developers of Halo Infinite what was going on. A Twitter user pointed out that aim assist can be exploited for mouse and keyboard if the controller is plugged in. The videos are below.


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Halo Infinite aim assist

Snap3down had plugged in both his controller and his mouse and keyboard into Halo Infinite. In this way, the game recognizes that a controller is plugged in and gives controller aim assist, but the player gets to use the ease of aiming that a mouse provides. It's like Snip3down found a way to exploit the game and negate its weaknesses while retaining its strengths.

I explain how this works further below.


Using a mouse is much easier than using a controller, which is why aim assist is present. Small movements are difficult to control with a controller, but the mouse just follows where the user points. The game balances both devices but is easily confused when both are plugged in, as this user shows.

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Because of the drift, the game doesn't automatically turn off the controller aim assist. Drift occurs when a joystick won't stay in place and moves slightly to one side, which occurs over time to all controllers. It detects the drift and reactivates the aim assist, but the player can always take over the mouse without lag.

It's pretty insane to think about and may not be a way players exploit the game. It's a good thing that Halo Infinite is in beta because now it can fix this issue.