Halo TV Series Will "Present A Side" Of Master Chief Not Seen In Games

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Kiki Wolfkill, Head of Halo Transmedia and Entertainment, has recently opened up about the challenges surrounding Halo's TV series adaptation.

While most Halo games see us playing as John-117/Master Chief, she confirmed that presents its own set of problems. Speaking with IGN recently, Wolfkill advised they want people "to do something new in Halo", letting people experience this adaptation differently.

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Halo TV Series Will "Present A Side" Of Master Chief Not Seen In Games

As such, we can expect a different take on Master Chief from what we've normally seen. Specifically, Wolfkill advised:

The biggest challenge with adapting the game is, the game is designed to put you into [Master] Chief’s armor. What we’re asking people to do with the show is to sit back and say we’re going to present a side of Chief that you just don’t get to play in the game.

Hopefully, it won't be too much longer before we find out what that entails. As reported by Deadline previously, Halo's TV adaptation looks set for an early 2022 release, streaming directly through Paramount Plus. Soon as we learn more, we'll keep you informed.

Source: GamesRadar via IGN