Ninja's Tweet About Returning As A Pro With Halo Infinite Gets A Response From Halo Esports Lead

Ninja tweeted a few thoughts about his return to Halo Infinite as a pro player. Ninja is a household name today, but many believe he got his start in Fortnite. Ninja was already a professional in Halo 3 Esports before Fortnite existed.

The community did not ignore Ninja's tweet about Halo Infinite. Not only did he get a lot of attention from fans and those who remember him, but also Microsoft itself. This tweet from the Halo Esports Lead shows how much Ninja is missed in that community.

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Ninja Playing Halo Infinite

With his pink hair, Ninja made his career by playing Halo as a Pro under multiple Esports Teams. During that time, he played Halo 3 for Team Liquid, Renegades, Cloud 9, and Luminosity. After the Gamescon Halo Infinite trailer, he tweeted about the thought of returning to his roots.

Tashi, the current Halo Esports Lead for Microsoft and 343 Studios, tweeted out to Ninja about the occasion. Currently, Tashi makes sure Halo has an Esports base, which shouldn't be too difficult. In the industry, Halo is widely regarded as the most beloved shooter franchise.

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Ninja's return to his old home would be fantastic. Furthermore, many others would be reminded of his status as an Esports name and not just someone who made it big Fortnite. Personally, I hope he returns.

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