NickMercs says he would leave Call of Duty for a Halo Infinite Battle Royale

Many streamers, including NickMercs, have voiced their opinions on whether Halo Infinite should include battle royale. According to NickMercs, Halo Infinite should include a battle royale multiplayer mode. When the Halo Twitter handle tweeted this, the interest in this multiplayer game mode exploded.

This tweet could refer to many things, but it looks a lot like a Fortnite drop. Many streamers began discussing whether Halo Infinite should have a battle royale after seeing tweets like this. Some people don't think it should be a battle royale mode, but the vast majority of players and streamers support it.

As Nickmercs discussed it on stream, he seemed to be more than supportive of a Halo Infinite Battle Royale. He even said he would switch from Call of Duty to Halo Infinite Battle Royale. In the words of NickMercs:

"If they do, I'll see you guys f***ing later. You know what I mean? I'm never playing…"

While NickMercs was interrupted before he could finish his statement, it was pretty clear that he meant to stop playing Call of Duty.

Is Nickmercs right about Halo Infinite succeeding in a battle royale setting?

Halo is arguably the FPS game most responsible for the explosion of FPS gameplay and the explosion of multiplayer FPS games. Some of the biggest reasons to get into Halo were the LAN and wireless games of Capture The Flag and other modes. You can't go wrong with a multiplayer battle royale experience for Halo Infinite.

Imagine the player being able to design their own Power Suit with all of the options they have acquired over the years. Take that and add some premium content, and the game will be immensely profitable even before any gameplay is made. It would be wise for Halo Infinite to introduce a battle royale mode.

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