How to Mute Players in Halo Infinite

Comradeship is great, but sometimes, you just need to mute players in Halo Infinite. 343 makes the process easy, though naturally, you can't pause the match to silence everyone. If you don't think you'll fancy voice chat anyway, you can just keep the default option and not fool with the feature at all.

How to Mute Players in Halo Infinite

If you know starting out that you don't want party chat on, the easiest way to mute everyone is before entering a match. Access the settings menu — F1 on PC or the options button on controller — and navigate to the audio tab. Under "Communications," you'll find the voice options. Click the drop-down menu, and select "disable" to completely mute everyone until you change the settings.

It's also worth noting this is the default voice chat setting, at least during the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta.

If you're fine with chatting but just need to mute one or two specific people, you'll have to wait until the match begins. Then, do this:


  • Press the "Escape" key
  • Press "Tab"
  • Choose the person you want to mute
  • Choose "mute"

On Xbox

  • Press the "Start" button
  • Press the "Windows" button
  • Choose the person you want to mute
  • Choose "mute"

They'll remain muted until you unmute them or until the match ends, regardless of which mode and map you're playing.

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