Halo Infinite: How To Get Augmented Achievement

Halo Infinite's "Augmented" achievement requires players to get the highest weapon proficiency scores. To earn this achievement, you'll need to go through the game's practice modes and get the best score.

However, Augmented has an easier requirement than what's listed.

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The Augmented Achievement

Augmented requires players to "earn 3 stars in 5 Tier 3 Weapon Drills" to complete this. Weapon Drills can be found in the Academy tab in the game, so you'll need to access this mode to get started.

So far, the course has plenty of weapons to choose from. Players will need to aim well to get the best rating and count toward getting this achievement.

How To Get This Achievement

While it looks straightforward, players can earn this achievement earlier than usual. You only need to complete all five Weapon Drill courses at the best ratings with any weapon, rather than completing these courses with five different weapons.

To get started, make sure to pick up the M41 SPNKR rocket launcher and the Skewer anti-tank weapon. For the first three courses, use the M41 SPNKR to delete foes in batches to get the best scores.

Meanwhile, the last two stars should be earned with the Skewer in the Weapon Drill courses. To make the best of this weapon, shoot a target and reload immediately for efficient results. The Skewer can take down the targets in one shot. Keep shooting well to get the remaining stars needed.


Once the stars are earned, players will get the Augmented achievement in their achievements list. On the Xbox, it gives 15 Gamerscore and can be earned on the Steam platform for extra achievement points too.

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