Halo Infinite: How To Fix Unable to Connect to Servers Issue

The Halo Infinite unable to connect to server issue is cropping up for players at unexpected, and unwanted, times. With multiplayer available now, players can hit it up and sometimes face issues like this with no warning.

While there's no permanent fix just yet, there are a few ways you can Here's how players can solve their connection to server problems in Halo Infinite.

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Halo Infinite: How To Fix Unable to Connect to Servers Issue

'Unable To Connect To Server' Fixes

At first, players experiencing connectivity problems on Halo Infinite should restart the game. If the connectivity problem persists, restart your router or PC before trying again. These two workarounds are general fixes and should be done first. However, these fixes don't always work, but we have more solutions.

Other Halo Infinite Server Fixes

If the two general fixes don't work, try fixing your connection with these solutions:

  • Restart your PC or console
  • Restart, or "power cycle," your router. Power cycling is where you wait a few minutes before you plug the router back in.
  • Secure a wired connection to your unit
  • Close other bandwidth-heavy apps, such as internet browsers, downloads, and streaming services
  • Test out your connection speed.
  • Turn off any active VPNs

Doing these workarounds will improve and stabilize any player's connection to Halo Infinite's server.

Server-side Problems

However, some connection problems are not always on the player's end. If the connection problems are coming from the server, the developers will announce it on social media. Make sure to follow Halo Infinite's official social media on Twitter, Facebook, and even on their customer support page to stay updated if the servers aren't looking well.

Keep an eye on the Halo Infinite patch notes for more information too!

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