Halo Reach: Tips And Tricks Tutorial To Improve Your Multiplayer Gameplay For Beginners And Experts

Halo: Reach has arrived on PC via  Halo: The Master Chief Collection, with many getting to play the game for the very first time as we wait for the launch of Halo Infinite.

Halo: Reach is a first-person shooter, originally released on the Xbox 360 back in 2010. The game was developed by Bungie, consequently their last within the franchise and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

With the game resurfacing on a new platform, many of you will be jumping on for the first time and looking for essential tips and tricks to dominate the online multiplayer.

Here's our guide to becoming a Master Chief on Halo: Reach.

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Control Your DMR Fire

In Halo: Reach, the DMR replaces the BR from Halo 3.

When shooting this gun, the weapon will bloom; meaning the shots will spread and become less accurate the more you spam the trigger.

It's best to aim for the chest to lower the shield and then aim for the head to finish off your opponent. It's important to know that this weapon does not fair well at close range.


Learn Weapon And Health Pack Locations

As with every Halo game, power weapons and picks up are strategically placed around the map to promote aggressive gameplay.

Teams will fight to control these weapons as they are far stronger than the base rifles you start with; meaning they can quickly turn the tide of a match.

Health packs are also an important part of Halo: Reach, when your shields are down you'll have a health bar that will not regenerate on its own.

It's incredibly vital to ensure you have full health as you'll be able to fight for longer and lose fewer gunfights.

As a result, learning where you can find them will go a long way to helping you dominate online.

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Grenades Are OP

Grenades are EXTREMELY strong in Halo: Reach, meaning you'll want to start a battle by using grenades to lower your opponents' shields.

You can carry four grenades in total at any time: two frag grenades and two plasma grenades.


Familiarise Yourself With Armour Abilities And Which Ones To Use

Instead of having equipment, as you did in Halo 3, each player gets to choose an armour ability.

Here are the abilities you can choose from and when they are most effective:

  • Armour Lock - Provides the user with a few seconds of invulnerability (great for objective modes).
  • Sprint - Provides the user with a quick burst of speed (good for all situations and modes, especially of the start when looking for power weapons).
  • Drop Shield - Provides anyone who's stood inside of it with protection, and also replenishes health (great for objective modes).
  • Hologram - Creates a decoy of yourself to distract enemies (great for accessing rooms with limited entry points).
  • Active Camouflage - Makes the player almost completely invisible, jams nearby enemy radars (useful for traversing across wide-open maps).
  • Jet Pack - Allows you to gain vertical height quickly, gives you a height advantage (excellent for maps with multiple levels e.g. Sword Base).
  • Evade - Allows you to evade gunfire and explosions quickly, can also be used to provide a quick burst of speed (good for maps with tights corridors and spaces).

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Aim For The Higher Chest With The Sniper

In order to get a one-shot kill with the sniper rifle, you'll need to hit a headshot. Otherwise, you're facing a two-shot kill to take your enemy down.

The headshot hitbox is rather generous in Halo: Reach, meaning you can aim high chest and get headshots - meaning accuracy doesn't need to be perfect.

Aiming for the high chest will increase your likelihood of hitting a headshot, but if it's not quite on point, you'll at least hit a chest shot and can follow up with a second.


Don't Sprint When Your Shields Are Low

When your shields take damage, it will take some time to regenerate.

What you may not be aware of is that if you spring while your shields are low, they will not regenerate.

It's also a great habit to get into, by not jumping back into the action when you've taken damage, as you'll be more prone to racking up deaths.

As well as this, crouching or standing still will keep you hidden from the radar.

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