Halo Infinite Soundtrack Discovered?

It's been a minute since we had any exciting news about Halo Infinite, but it now seems like there's something to get excited about.

There's no doubt one of the most iconic aspects of Halo is the incredible soundtrack.

It appears the 2021 title has inadvertedly revealed the soundtrack for the new game - or at least a few of the songs on the soundtrack.

A MegaConstrux web page seems to reveal the music in all its glory - take a listen!

Halo Infinite Music Discovered?

Halo fan @realAyitSevi discovered several music tracks that could be part of Halo Infinite's soundtrack.

All six tracks were found on the Halo portion of the website ran by Mega Construx, a toy company that creates LEGO-style brick building sets based on Halo's characters, vehicles, ships, and locations.

Pages for the Skiff Intercept, Warthog Rally, Energy Sword, Hijacked Ghost, Banshee Breakout, and Defense Point Showdown sets all contain a video with suspected Halo Infinite music.

It's not confirmed, obviously, that these are the official soundtracks being used. However, the likelihood is high as the music from the Banshee Breakouts and Warthog Rally videos were the same tracks played in the "Discover Hope" trailer shown at E3 2019 and the Gameplay Demo from E3 2020.

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