Halo Infinite: Box Art Shows 343 Are Learning From Past Mistakes

The Halo Infinite Box art has been revealed – and it looks eerily similar to the first Halo: Combat Evolved cover.

Halo Infinite is leading the charge into the next-gen console battle and it needs to deliver big time for Xbox Series X.

Halo fans have waited a long time for a new Halo game and as teasers start to drip onto the internet, seeing a familiar face like Master Chief is always cause for a sigh of relief.

Halo Infinite Box Art

The team at 343 Industries also revealed the following message ahead of tomorrow's Xbox Games Showcase:

"Tomorrow is THE day. We're excited for you to see what we've been working hard on. To tide you over, here's the amazing Halo Infinite box art you can look forward to seeing on shelves later this year."

The cover is in line with what 343 has said about the role of Master Chief in this game – that he’ll be front and centre. When Halo 5 dropped, many were disappointed that the Chief played second fiddle to Spartan Locke.

It also hints that some older levels, perhaps from the first game, could make an appearance. New beach assault, anyone?

Earlier in the week, 343  posted a Halo Infinite teaser to its Twitter account – which got fans speculating whether it would make an appearance at the showcase.

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HALO OLD FRIEND: Master Chief's front and centre on the Halo Infinite Box Art

The teaser saw a machine emblazoning the number "117" on some green armour.

Halo fans were quick to spot that the ‘117’ is a reference to John-117 (better known as Master Chief).

Your legend makes it more than just a number. pic.twitter.com/8DUFGz3FsO
— Xbox (@Xbox)
July 16, 2020

The upcoming Xbox Games event, which takes place on July 23 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET, will be the first real chance fans will get a glimpse of the new Halo.

We can’t wait.

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