Halo 3 PC: Multiplayer Tips And Tricks Guide To Improving Your Gameplay For Beginners

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With just two weeks to go unto the big reveal of some Halo Infinite gameplay, Bungie has surprised fans with the announcement of another classic coming to the Master Chief Collection!

Although we're still craving some footage of the next instalment, which will be Halo Infinite for the Xbox Series X, this is a nice present to keep players ticking until the 23rd.


It may be some time since you last played Halo 3, so you might be a bit rusty when it comes to multiplayer.

Here are some tips and tricks for beginners!

Weapons, Health And Shields

Something you will need to wrap your head around is how the health and shields work in Halo 3 and the damage you will need to deal to kill someone.

Every Spartan will have a shield and their base health. To kill a player you will need to lower their regenerative shields long enough to attack their health.

Aiming for the head will do more damage in most scenarios here's what it requires to kill someone in Halo:

  • Battle Rifle
  • 6 body shots
  • 3 body shots and 1 to the head
  • Assault Rifle
    • 16 shots to the body
  • Covenant Carbine
    • 10 shots to the body
    • 7 shots to the body and 1 to the head
  • Plasma Pistol
    • 13 shots to the body
    • 1 charged shot and 9 to the body
    • 5 charged shots
  • Magnum
    • 7 shots to the body
    • 4 shots to the body and 1 to the head
  • SMG
    • 21 shots to the body
  • Needler
    • 13 shots to the body
  • Sniper Rifle
    • 1 shot to the head
    • 2 shots to the body

It's also important to remember that when a player's shields are down, they will go down in one melee attack. A double melee will kill off an opponent and a melee to the back will kill in 1 hit.




Along with perfecting your usage with weapons, another important aspect of how you are going to eliminate enemies is using Grenades.

You can carry for grenade - two frag grenades and two sticky grenades. Frags are great for bouncing off of walls and floors so they skid to the feet of your opponent.

These can result in some vital eliminations for you and your team and you are going to want to perfect your grenade placement!


Know The Maps

Although this may sound like a regular tip, knowing the maps is one of the most vital components of any Halo game.


With so many nooks and crannies on each map, it can be important to understand where your opponents can flank you from or have an angle on you.


Play Smart

Halo is not one of those multiplayer first-person shooters where you can go in, guns blazing and expect to come out on top.

Unless you are a professional player or just happen to have some amazing aim, you are going to find yourself being mowed down if you do not play smart.