Halo Infinite: How To Use The Energy Sword

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Halo Infinite has brought a host of classic weapons, from the M41 SPNKR to the S7 Sniper, but Halo wouldn't be complete without the Energy Sword.

The iconic melee tool is as powerful and ruthless as ever, allowing you to remove enemy Spartans in one quick blow.

Here's how to make the most out of the sword.

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Halo Infinite: How To Use The Energy Sword

The sword is unable to smart-lock like previous iterations, but this is counteracted by the tool's more flexible movement. When carrying, it's lighter and quicker to move with.

When your enemy Spartan is in your crosshair and the reticle turns red, melee instantly for an instant kill.

A Spartan jumps at an enemy ship in mid air.
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Credit: 343 Industries

Of course, the sword is only useful in very close combat so don't go jumping into the middle of the battlefield. Stick to the outer routes and try to flank enemies from behind for a surprise attack. Couple the sword with a Grappleshot to propel yourself to foes and lunge in for an attack and possibly a double kill.

And be mindful of its energy drain - it'll take 15% of your charge for every kill inflicted.

The Energy Sword is better than ever and once again, is sure to be a beloved weapon in this Halo. If you're having trouble using the Plasma Pistol, check out our guide on how to use the complex sidearm.

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