Dr DisRespect is DisPleased After Halo Infinite's Campaign Reveal

Dr Disrespect once again expressed his thoughts about the upcoming Halo Infinite after the game's campaign overview was revealed yesterday via a video posted on the official Xbox YouTube channel.

As reported by Dexerto, the streamer was vocal about his concerns when the game was first revealed, particularly the absence of the Battle Royale mode. Now, his comments still sound the same as how he perceives the next Halo title, with him saying:

“None of this is pulling me in. ’m sorry, that just doesn’t do it for me. Six years in production? If you’re going to commit to the campaign, make it the newest, most inspiring thing you’ve ever made. You’ve got a big, huge budget, and it’s for one of the biggest IPs in the industry.”

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Dr Disrespect Expresses His Thoughts After Halo Infinite's Campaign Reveal

Dr Disrespect said that he is looking for something that could blow him away. It could be through "graphics, ambience, VFX, or some new idea." Also, he again reiterated his stance that a Battle Royale mode could save Halo Infinite by saying:

“In order for this game to go longer than three weeks after launch, it needs a BR. All I’m thinking of is a Battle Royale. Look at the vista, look at the mountain in the background. What’s this structure over here, is there a sniper on top of that bad boy with a Banshee? This game would be sick with a Battle Royale.”

While it's not getting a battle royale mode, Halo Infinite is getting a free-to-play multiplayer mode with multiple seasons of content planned.

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