Halo Infinite: Best Controller and Deadzone Settings

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Halo Infinite is an Xbox classic, and unlike many FPS games, it's traditionally played on a controller. So then, what are the best controller settings for Halo Infinite, from sensitivity to deadzones?

Since the Heroes of Reach Battle Pass launched, we've been playing a bunch. For this controller setup, we're going for a classic Halo style. Here are the button mappings and other settings we're using.


Halo Infinite Button Mappings

Here are the button mappings we're using for Halo Infinite:

Button Action
View Button (Select)Scoreboard
Menu Button (Start)Game Menu / Text Chat
LBThrow Grenade
RTFire Weapon
Left Stick PressSprint
Right Stick PressCrouch / Slide
D-Pad UpMark / Ping
D-Pad LeftSwitch Grenade
D-Pad RightSwitch Equipment
D-Pad DownAI Scan
YSwitch Weapon / Drop
BUse Equipment
XReload / Vent / Interact

From the default control scheme, all you need to do is switch around the Crouch / Slide, Melee, and Use Equipment button mappings.


We like this one because it makes melee attacks a whole lot more reliable once you're used to it. Crouching is far less ubiquitous as you'll be walking or jogging around the map most of the time anyway, so when you do fancy a crouch you can just hit that button and duck down.

Sensitivity and Acceleration

Your sensitivity and acceleration controls have to be right to set you apart from others in-game. You want to be able to snap onto targets quickly but move your reticule precisely enough to hit those shots. It's a tricky balance to strike. Here are the settings for the job:

Setting Value
Look Acceleration4
Look Sensitivity (Horizontal)5.5
Look Sensitivity (Vertical)5.5
Center Deadzone (Move Thumbstick)3.5
Max Input Threshold (Move Thumbstick)10.0
Axial Deadzone (Move Thumbstick)3.5
Center Deadzone (Look Thumbstick)3.5
Max Input Threshold (Look Thumbstick)15.0
Axial Deadzone (Look Thumbstick)3.5

Some of these might sound a bit obtuse, so here's what it all means. Your deadzones on each stick refer to how far the thumbstick needs to be from the centre of the controller before an input registers. Mine is quite low since my controller is fairly new, but if you're experiencing stick drift, raise your deadzones on whichever area is required.


With the Max Input Threshold, you're referring to how close to the very edge of the thumbstick's movement range you want the maximum to be. You want this to be a higher value on your look stick, as you'll get more control through the entire range, vital for aiming correctly. On the move stick, you don't need that level of precision and you want to be moving at your maximum speed much more easily.

There you go, then! Enjoy your time on the controller for Halo Infinite, and hopefully, your results will start improving! Now you're all ready to go on that, why not learn a bit more about how to rank up and earn XP fast in Halo Infinite?