Can You Play Halo Infinite on Xbox One?

Can you play Halo Infinite on Xbox One? Microsoft and 343 Industries promised a solid experience on the older Xbox platform, and it seems they've delivered - for the most part. Halo Infinite on Xbox One is a solid experience overall, though it suffers in a few of the ways you'd expect from an older, less powerful system.

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Can You Play Halo Infinite on Xbox One?

Digital Foundry did their usual magic and compared how Halo Infinite runs on all four Xbox platforms - Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Xbox One X. Xbox One runs Halo at a nearly-consistent 60fps on Xbox One X in performance mode. Quality mode drops the fps, as you'd expect, and it's less spectacular on the plain Xbox One.

Other significant differences include less refined textures and fewer features, though this is true on both Xbox One X and Xbox Series S. Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X includes additional environmental touches such as birds, extra stones, and minor things along those lines.

Halo Infinite Xbox One Comparison

Check out their comparisons below. The side-by-side looks begin at roughly the 17 minute mark. A bit further in, you'll see the plain Xbox One running at a mostly stable 30fps. Details aren't quite as sharp, but draw distances remain roughly the same, and the textures mostly look just as sharp.

Whatever platform you pick up Halo Infinite on, it's worth playing even if only for the multiplayer. Should you dive into Zeta Halo itself, though, check out our guides for picking up every skull and finding each Easter egg, as well as our picks for the best guns to use in campaign and multiplayer gun tier list.

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