All Halo Infinite Easter Egg Map Locations And Meanings

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Halo Infinite has a host of easter eggs and hidden treasures. Some call back to past entries that have come before while others are fun little tidbits to celebrate the franchise's 20th Anniversary.

We break down everything you need to watch out for, along with the locations you can discover them in.


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All Halo Infinite Easter Egg Locations And Meanings

You can find 26 easter eggs in the following locations:

1. Weapon Doll

Travel towards the top right of the map and head towards the edge of the cliff. You'll find a light-blue, plush toy that is placed upright in front of a rock.

A blue plush doll is placed on a rock.
Credit: Mapgenie

2. Arbiter Doll #1

Keep an eye out for a huge cave just outside Outpost Tremonius. Head inside to find a plush toy modeled after the high-ranking Covenant elites.

An arbiter doll is placed near a rock.
Credit: Mapgenie

3. Halo Theme Music Plays #1

Head towards the top of the mountain and the main Halo theme tune will play while you peer at Infinite's luscious landscape.

A view of the landscape.
Credit: Mapgenie

4. Secret Scorpion Tank Gun

Approach the top of the platform and you'll find obsolete turrets which are not in use. Travel down the guns on the sides and look down at the edge. A prompt will pop up, giving you the option to "Pick Up" a Scorpion Tank gun and swap it out for another weapon in your arsenal.

An absolute Scorpion tank.
Credit: Windows Central

5. Launch An Airstrike

You can complete mission 3 of Halo Infinite in a single move. Find the Outpost Tremonius and the hidden red switches to rain down a host of nukes on an outpost controlled by the Banished.

Explosions are in the distance wiping out Banished foes.
Credit: Xbox Games Studios

6. Arcade Machine

An old-school gaming machine can be found in the Outpost Tremonius. Just lookout for a blue forerunner door, which is in between mountainous areas and a plethora of structures.

An arcade machine is in the center of the screen.
Credit: Mapgenie

7. Halo Theme Music Plays #2

Head towards the top of the forerunner facility and the main Halo theme tune will start playing.

The mountainous area of Halo Infinite's scenery.
Credit: Mapgenie

8. Data Stack

During the quest of Foundation, grapple down two platforms from the top of the main facility. The data stack should look like an image of a rat.

9. Librarian Doll

After their first appearance in Halo 4, a plush toy can be found that is based on the cult character. Head towards the side of the structure to find the doll sitting on a rock.

A plush doll of a librarian.
Credit: Mapgenie

10. Echo 2-16 Pilot Doll #1

A plush toy can be found near Foxhound Squad, near the side of a ship. The doll is of the pilot that helps Master Cheif throughout Halo Infinite's journey.

A doll is underneath a ship on a rock.
Credit: Mapgenie

11. Craig Zeta Halo Tour 2560

Microsoft takes the Craig memes and turns the beast into a rockstar! A poster with tour dates for Craig can be found at the top of The Tower, by grappling to the very top of the structure.

Poster with tour dates for Craig.
Credit: u/STiFFMcGRiFF

12. Rick And Morty - Mr. Meeseeks Box

Head inside The Tower and progress down to the second level. In a cage behind a set of metal stilts, you should find a figure that resembles Mr. Meeseeks Box, which first appeared in Season 1/ Episode 5 of Rick and Morty.

A Mr Meeseeks box is inside a cage.
Credit: u/FudgeRubDown

13. Master Chief Doll

A plush toy that looks exactly like Master Chief, can be found at a campsite near a previous UNSC base.

A small Master Chief doll is seen on top of a camping mat on a hill.
Credit: Mapgenie

14. Big Sandwich

Towards the south of the Spire of Zeta Halo, find a small cave. Grapple your way through the tunnels to climb the Spire and you should find a room with a group of Grunts protecting their lunch.

A huge sandwich is on top of a rock.
Credit: Mapgenie

15. Grunt Doll #1

A plush toy can be found on a platform and is a direct replica of the villainy, but surprisingly funny Grunts. Head down to a hex column from the peak of the hill on the map - you should find the doll beside a waterfall.

A grunt teddy bear is near the cliff of a platform.
Credit: Mapgenie

16. Arbiter Doll #2

Head to the tip of the hill (check the map) to find another Arbiter plush toy.

A doll is standing on top of a hill on a rock.
Credit: Mapgenie

17. Sgt. Johnson Doll

Beloved Halo character, Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson, has a plush toy based on him. Head inside the opening region of the ship and fall towards the bottom to find a toy wedged in between two metal pillars.

A doll is wedged in between two walls.
Credit: u/Jedi_Lucky

18. Blue And Red Lights

Along the mountain of the hex column, a small, yellow crate should stand out. Grapple to this area and peer down the shaft. You'll find the aftermath of a battle between grunts and humans that have been glammed up by a mixture of blue and red lights.

Looking down a shaft to find blue and red lights surrounding the interior.
Credit: Mapgenie

19. Original Xbox Console

There should be a cave near the Northern Beacon. Head towards the rocks inside the cave and there should be a tight gap in the ceiling for you to grapple into. You'll enter a room lit with neon-green lights and you'll discover the 2001 Xbox system lying in the corner

Original Xbox system is seen placed near a TV in a green room.
Credit: Xbox Games Studio

20. Halo 5's Jameson Locke Doll

Travel south of the Razorback and you should find a cave. Alternatively, you can fall to the area underneath the mountain through the gap north of Article V. You should find a doll modeled after Halo 5's central character at the end of the tunnel.

A dark-blue doll is seen in a pile of sandy rubble.
Credit: Mapgenie

21. The Endless Doll

Near the Spartan core, you can find a doll modeled after the terrifying beings, The Endless. Stick towards the edge of the second pillar and keep moving until you'll find the toy on one of the hex structures.

A white doll is flat on top of a metal floor.
Credit: Mapgenie

22. Harbinger Doll

Head towards the peak of the mountain (seen on the map). In one of the Banished containers, you should find a plush toy, which has been modeled after Halo Infinite's big baddie.

A plush toy can be seen in a red interior.
Credit: Mapgenie

23. Map Hologram Of 'Blood Gulch'

One of Halo's most iconic maps returns but, only through a small cameo. Approach the underground interior of River Gate. Move around the rubble and you should find a floating hologram of the classic map.

A red, floating hologram can be seen in a rocky interior.
Credit: Xbox Game Studios

24. Halo Theme Music Plays #3

Head to the peak of the mountain (seen on the map). The main Halo theme will play as you look at the scenery.

A sunset settles over the mountains of Halo Infinite.
Credit: Mapgenie

25. Echo 2-16 Pilot Doll #2

Another plush toy based on Master Chief's compadre can be found. Head near the top of the mountain (near to where the theme tune plays) and you'll find the plush toy aboard a rock.

A doll can be seen on top of a rock with the sky behind.
Credit: Mapgenie

26. Grunt Doll #2

Head towards the lower regions of the island. Based on the villainy beings, the plush toy can be found in an open Banished escape pod.

The doll can be seen in a metal container amidst some rubble.
Credit: Mapgenie

Halo Infinite has plenty more secrets so we'll keep updating this page as we learn more. But if you're struggling to find skulls scattered around the map, check out our guide on where you can find them.