Guilty Gear Strive Leo Whitefang Guide: Beginners Tips, Move List & Best Combo

Many beginners often want to press buttons and unload alot of oppressive offense on the enemies whenever they can. This playstyle is possible through Leo Whitefang who has options and even a dedicated stance for suffocating their foes in offense. Here's what you can do as a beginner Leo Whitefang player in Guilty Gear Strive.

Who is Leo Whitefang in Guilty Gear Strive?

In the Guilty Gear Strive story, Leo Whitefang is the second king of Illyria which counts as a vice-president position in their government. Leo mostly acts a Ky Kiske's right-hand man when it comes to business that directly threatens Illyria. His personality is prideful and loves boasting which is still evident but mellowed out in Guilty Gear Strive.

Playstyle-wise, Leo Whitefang benefits on relentless offense through challenging his opponent's defense. Leo has options to hit high, low, and the other side of the enemy. He also has a backturn stance which gives him access to fast, difficult to interrupt attacks. Despite his offensive focus, he is still considered as an all-arounder due to access to a fireball and a dragon punch.

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Leo Whitefang Move List

Leo's specials and supers are often high committal and unsafe but actually give him an all-arounder. Leo Whitefang can adapt to play aggressive or defensive if the situation calls for it. Here are some of his moves, written in Numpad Notation in the game

  • Gravierte Wurde - Hold Back then Forward+S or Forward+HS
  • Eisensturm - Hold Down then Up+S or Up+HS
  • Erstes Kaltes Gestober - 236S
  • Zweites Kaltes Gestober -236HS
  • Turbulenz - 214S
  • Brynhildr Stance - Automatically happens on successful throw, or when Zweites Kaltes Gestober hits enemy's back, or when S is held after using Turbulenz or when K is held after his Glanzendes Dunkel throw is landed
  • Glanzendes Dunkel - During Brynhildr Stance, 214K
  • Blitzschlag - During Brynhildr Stance, 214H
  • Stance Cancel - During Brynhildr Stance, 22
  • Stahlwirbel (Overdrive Projectile Super) - During Brynhildr Stance, 632146S
  • Leidenschaft des Dirigenten (Overdrive Super) - 632146HS

Despite his lengthy German sounding special moves and supers, many players often remember Leo for his suffocating offense once he gets started.

Official Screenshot of Leo Whitefang from Guilty Gear Strive
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Leo Whitefang Beginners Guide

For starters, go wild. Leo Whitefang is one of the few characters that can link Heavy Slash attacks back to his Slash attacks. During battle, many beginner Leo Whitefang players is often seen stabbing his weapon repeatedly as his blockstring or combo against his foe. Make sure to use this pattern as it will be your bread and butter offense. Lastly, make sure to stop hitting the attack when next one will miss to avoid getting punished for free.

Even with his Slash and Heavy Slash buttons directly linked to each other, Leo Whitefang also has fast, reliable Punch and Kick attacks which can be used to stop the enemy's faster attacks. Leo Whitefang must establish that only he can press buttons in the match to secure victory faster and all his tools work well in achieving this situation.

Official Screenshot of Leo Whitefang from Guilty Gear Strive
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Leo Whitefang Tips To Get Better

Beginner Leo players must understand how to use his Brynhildr backturn stance to further push their offensive advantage against their foe. Once Leo Whitefang gets started on this stance, he has access to extremely fast options which can punish foes trying to stop him.

During this stance, he has access to a defensive parry which counters almost everything except a throw. He also has a complete mix of options in this stance as he has fast overheads, lows, and even a command throw to open his opponents up.

If this is too much to take in, it'll be best to stick with using his Slash and Heavy Slash spamming efficiently before trying to learn the Brynhildr Stance. Leo also benefits from random counterhits as his combos also hit hard.

Official Screenshot of Leo Whitefang from Guilty Gear Strive
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Leo Whitefang Combos

Even though Leo Whitefang has access to high damage, he needs to string combos to lay down the hurt. Here are some beginner combos you can use as your learn Leo Whitefang's moves:

  • 5S>5HS>5S>236S
  • 5S>5HS>5S>236HS
  • 5K>2D
  • 5K>236HS
  • 5S>2HS>214S Hold S>backturn.S>backturn H>632146S

Leo benefits best when he goes into or ends his combos in Brynhildr Stance. His options during stance are difficult to contest even for faster characters. However, be mindful that he cannot block during this stance and must make it count.

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