Guilty Gear Strive: How To Burst

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In many fighting games, getting hit by an attack can spell doom as most hits often lead high damage long combos. Fortunately, Guilty Gear Strive has a Burst system that helps people escape from long combos. Here's how you can burst your way out of dangerous situations in Guilty Gear Strive.

Guilty Gear Strive Burst System Explained

To use the burst system in Guilty Gear Strive, players will need to press the Dust attack + any other attack button at the same time. It doesn't matter if the Dust button is paired with Punch, Kick, Slash or Heavy Slash, it'll activate the Burst move.


The burst move is a fully invulnerable move that makes the character emit explosive energy that sends the enemy flying if it connects. On a successful burst, it also returns a portion of the Burst meter which allows it to return sooner.

This move can be used when taking hits from enemy attacks and even used in reaction of an incoming attack.

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Blue Burst Explained

Normally, Guilty Gear Strive players call the burst used when taking attacks on hit or block as a Blue Burst. It is generally used as an escape tool to avoid damage if the combo is recognized to remove too much of your health or knock you out.


At times, the Blue Burst is also used to deny the enemy of a combo that sets up an opportunity for a high-pressure situation such as sending you to the corner.

Gold Burst Explained

Alternatively, the players can use a Gold Burst which happens when the Burst is performed when not getting hit or currently blocking an attack. The move functions similarly as the character emits a gold explosion instead of a blue one.

The difference in this option is that a Gold Burst immediately fills up your Tension gauge to the max. For many characters, a full Tension gauge gives them access to their supers which can be their defensive tools and even a chance to steal the round from the enemy with their massive super damage.


On the other end, the Tension meter could also be used for Roman Cancels which are used for combo extensions, complicated hard-to-block offense, and to cancel their safe attacks.


On the other end, the Burst move can also miss the enemy if done too high or the enemy just blocks or manages to move away just in time. If this happens, the Burst meter will be empty which the round more difficult to win as this escape tool will be available at a much later time.

Make sure to hit your Bursts to successfully escape the enemy's attacks and survive longer in fights.