Zenless Zone Zero voice actors list

Zenless Zone Zero characters.

Zenless Zone Zero characters.

Already followed by close to 200k prospective players, another of Hoyoverse's upcoming games has started to see a marketing ramp-up lately. Through it, we're beginning to learn more about the Zenless Zone Zero voice actors and their roles.

Down below, just like we've done with the Genshin Impact voice actors list and Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actor list, we'll go over who we know is lending their larynx to the characters of Zenless Zone Zero. It's Hoyoverse's next game alongside Honkai: Star Rail, and, like the rest, it's expected to have a high-profile cast and a continuously growing character roster.

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All Zenless Zone Zero Voice Actors

JP Voice
Also Known For
Nekomiya Mana (Nekomata)
Hara Sayuri
Laid Back Camp (Chiaki Ōgaki), Tales of Arise (Rinwell)
Abe Atsushi
Arknights (Spot), Food Fantasy (Cola, Eclair, Pancake)
Senbongi Sayaka
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season (Shuna), Attack on Titan (Nifa)
Soldier 11
Fujii Yukiyo
World Trigger (Madoka Ui), Citrus (Harumi Taniguchi)
Billy Kid
Yuu Hayashi
Vinland Saga (Olmar), Kingdom Hearts (Peter Pan)
Nicole Demara
Yu Serizawa
How Clumsy you are, Miss Ueno (Ueno), Princess Connect! Re:Dive (Ayane)
Anby Demara
Atsumi Tanezaki
Spy x Family (Anya Forger), My Little Monster (Asako Natsume)
Ben Bigger
Hamada Kenji
Dee Jay (Street Fighter 6), Imperial Prince Atsumi (Onmyoji)
Koleda Belobog
Iguchi Yuka
Liter (Rune Factory 5), Lanterby (The Food Wars! Fifth Plate), Hibiscus (Arknights)
Anton Ivanov
Kamio Shinichiro
Yor (I'm Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness), Kaede Rukawa (The First Slam Dunk)

The Zenless Zone Zero voice actor list is a little light right now. Given we still don't really know when the game is due to release, it's only normal to not have all the information.

Still, the Zenless Zone Zero Twitter account has been drip-feeding us voice actor information over the past couple of months - from the game's announcement to its recent appearance during the Summer Game Fest streams. We know just over half a dozen of them now, and though we don't know many many to still expect, we think there's still quite a few more to go.

Further to that, no Zenless Zone Zero EN voice actors have been announced yet: we only know the Japanese voice actors right now. Rest assured that we'll add any additional voice actors (EN or JP) as soon as we can. They're being announced relatively frequently, so you'll want to check back probably every other week to see if one of your favourite JP anime voice actors has joined the cast of this new game.

Nekomata in Zenless Zone Zero.
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When Will the Zenless Zone Zero EN Voice Cast be Announced?

We really don't know when Hoyoverse will start to announce which EN voice actors are behind the Zenless Zone Zero characters we already know. Again, given that we still don't know when the game is expected to release, it's too hard to say when we'll learn anything like that.

There's the possibility that a Zenless Zone Zero EN voice cast isn't even in the works. Cookie Run: Kingdom existed for close to a year before English voices were added to its expansive cast. There's a low chance given all of Hoyoverse's other RPGs have wide English VA casts, but it's worth bearing in mind.

For more gacha game content, check out our Blue Archive tier list. It's always getting new and exciting anime crossovers (like Miku), so if you're into the idea of Zenless Zone Zero, you might enjoy biding time until the game's release date with that one.

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