How big is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom's map?

Link raises a clenched fist skyward.
Credit: IGN

Link raises a clenched fist skyward.
Credit: IGN

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May 12, 2023 - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is out now, so check out all the details on how big the map is if you're jumping in today.

After years of waiting and a multitude of delays, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s release is finally here. Since the game can be pretty overwhelming at first, the size of the game’s new map is something that's hard to work out, so just how big is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom's map?

One thing that was determined before release is that Tears of the Kingdom takes place in the same world that we’ve seen previously but with added qualities.

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How big is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom's map?

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was an instant classic with its electric release back in 2017. It strayed from the series’ popular dungeon format that previously followed a linear storyline for players to work their way through.

This time round, Zelda went open world, using elements from the previous games in a way that still felt familiar but with a much needed twist. Sprawling dungeons became optional shrines and weapons featured a durability system. Tears of the Kingdom keeps a similar style to its predecessor in aesthetic and structure, and also with its world, which can be seen here in the most recent gameplay trailer.

Link gliding with his paraglider over the ground below.
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Credit: IGN
Link gliding over familiar ground in new gameplay trailer.

Check out the full gameplay trailer here!

Until the game’s release, there is no true way to see the complete scale of the latest Zelda’s map. What we can do, however, is determine that the map size will be marginally larger than Breath of the Wild's, as the newest gameplay trailer not only features familiar locations but shows off new locations that players have never seen, nor explored.

New areas to explore?

As the Zelda games follow a distinct timeline, it isn’t surprising that familiar elements and storylines carry on from previous games in the series.

The trailer shows the land of Hyrule shaking and crumbling, sending portions of earth into the sky. It is difficult to not draw comparisons to the land of Skyloft, seen in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. These new elements mean that traversal between the land and sky will be a core feature of the game. Also featured briefly are underground mines where Link is shown to be utilising new powers.

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