World of Warcraft WotLK Classic - Halls of Stone dungeon guide

entrance to halls of stone
September 26, 2022: Wrath Classic launches today!

If you're getting into World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion, then one of the big things that you'll be doing is the many dungeons. There's a good amount of them, each with some special mechanics that need to be handled. As such, our Halls of Stone dungeon guide will cover everything about the dungeon, especially if you're doing it for the first time.

Halls of Stone is one of the two dungeons up in the Storm Peaks, and is one of the last two leveling dungeons that you'll experience in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, and as such the difficulty ramps up a bit.

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Halls of Stone dungeon guide

Upon walking in, you're going to be greeted with two quests. These can be done as you go through the dungeon. Head in and kill the trash in the first circular room. Hang a right and head into the cave looking area to head to the first boss, Krystallus.

Krystallus in Halls of Stone
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For Krystallus, he has four abilities to deal with on normal, and an extra fifth on Heroic.

  • Ground Slam: Slam that knocks players back. After five seconds, they are turned to stone
  • Shatter: damages all players turned to stone, dealing damage.
  • Boulder Toss
  • Stomp
  • Ground Spike (Heroic)

This fight isn't too terribly difficult. The knockback from Ground Slam really only affects melee, so the healers should be quick to top those players up after the Shatter. The ground spike is the only real concern here on heroic, as it'll do a fair bit of damage. After the boss is dead, head back to the hallway and hang a right. Don't go across, as you'll have to loop back past that area anyways.

Maiden of Grief in Halls of Stone
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Maiden of Grief

The next boss is the Maiden of Grief. She has three main abilities with a fourth on Heroic.

  • Pillar of Woe
  • Shock of Sorrow: Shocks and incapacitates players for six seconds.
  • Storm of Grief
  • Parting Sorrow (Heroic): The Maiden fires an Anti-Mana bolt that consumes mana from the target. Deals damage per point of mana consumed.

This fight has a lot of damage over time effects in it, which can be tricky to deal with, especially during the incapacitation periods. Her Storm of Grief will be very visible on the ground, so tanks will need to pull her out of that. When she's about to cast her Shock of Sorrow, Melee players can move into an existing Storm on the ground to take damage, which will end the incapacitation. The healer on the other hand will have to wait out the duration and quickly heal everyone back up after they're out.

After this boss is downed, head back down the hallway, and when you get to the split halls, head to the right this time. Kill all of the adds before talking to Brann, and then talk with him as he walks to start the next encounter.

Tribunal of Ages

The Tribunal of Ages is the third encounter, and it essentially involves dealing with weaves of mobs that show up from the hallway. There are three heads in the room that will cast a few abilities at you.

  • Searing Gaze: AoE fire damage
  • Glare of the Tribunal: Arcane damage
  • Dark Matter: A dark cloud that surrounds a player, increasing damage taken by 50%, slows move speed by 30%, and inflicts AoE Shadow damage. (Heroic: 100% increased damage taken, 50% move speed reduction)

For this fight, you're going to want to stand at the top of the stairway to intercept the mobs. Try your best to spread out a bit from the players hit by Searing Gaze and Dark Matter. Adds should be picked up by the tanks and everyone should cleave them down as soon as possible. After the adds have stopped coming, and the long RP has concluded, head back towards the entrance of the dungeon for the final boss.

Sjonnir the Ironshaper in Halls of Stone
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Sjonnir the Ironshaper

For the final boss, you'll face Sjonnir the Ironshaper. Sjonnir has a handful of abilities to deal with, and will periodically summon adds to the fight from the flanking staircases.

  • Chain Lightning
  • Lightning Shield
  • Static Charge
  • Lightning Ring
  • Frenzy

This fight is pretty straight forward. Any adds that spawn will target a ranged player, so those players should ideally bring them into the melee group or have the tank taunt them over to be cleaved down by the melee. The Lightning Ring ability is definitely worth watching out for for melee. It has a 10 yard range so you may need to move to avoid this. The ring increases the nature damage taken by the players hit so considering that nearly all the damage is nature, so it's worth it to pay attention here.

Other than that, the only other thing to worry about is the Frenzy, which happens at 20% health. Burn him down and you have a dungeon clear!

And that's the dungeon! As we said earlier, this is one of the later leveling dungeons you'll encounter, so the mechanical demands and diffuculty ramp up a little bit here. Be sure to stay tuned to our other dungeon guides in Wrath Classic as well. That being said, while you're here, if you're interested in more Classic content, be sure to check out our guide for the must have addons for Wrath, as well as our guide to making your very own Death Knight.

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