World of Warcraft WotLK Classic - Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom dungeon guide

entrance for Ahn'Kahet

entrance for Ahn'Kahet
September 26, 2022: Wrath Classic launches today!

If you're getting into World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion, then one of the big things that you'll be doing is the many dungeons. There's a good amount of them, each with some special mechanics that need to be handled. As such, our Ahn'Kahet dungeon guide will cover everything about the dungeon, especially if you're doing it for the first time.

This is one of the earlier dungeons level wise, and it's the dungeon immediately after Azjol-Nerub. There's a bunch of spiders and whatnot in here, but we'll get through it.

While you're here, if you're looking to figure out what class and spec you want to play in Wrath Classic, be sure to check out our DPS tier list, Healer tier list, and Tank tier list. Also be sure to check out our speed leveling guide.

Ahn'Kahet dungeon guide

Upon entering the dungeon, you are greeted with Spiders. Head down the ramp, and kill the first two enemies. Then you can try kill one of the patrolling spiders and make your way up the stairs. Now you'll have two paths you can go down to get to the first boss. We recommend going left, hugging the left wall until you go down the stairs, then hugging the right wall down the stretch until you get to the first boss.

Elder Nadox from Ahn'Kahet
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Elder Nadox

The first boss is Elder Nadox. Nadox will summon two different kinds of adds during this fight. Ahn'kahar Guardians and Ahn'Kahar Swarmer. These should be dealt with quickly, because of the abilities that Nadox will cast. He will first cast a disease called Brood Plague. This can be cleansed and should be. The other ability is Brood Rage, which enrages all Swarmers.

Of the adds, Guardians should be dealt with immediately, as they have an ability called Guardian Aura, that makes all surrounding Nerubians immune to damage. Afterwards, the swarmers should be cleaved down.

After the boss is killed, head out the left door, and head down the stairs. Upon reaching the next big open room, you're going to want to wait for the Bonegrinder in the middle to patrol to the left, and then hug the right wall. Kill any of the geists that come up, and run up the web ramp. Kill the adds and click the orb. Do the same for the next ramp over. Then you'll want to wait for the right Bonegrinder to path up the ramp and head over to it and kill it. Head up the ramp to the next boss.

Prince Taldaram from Ahn'Kahet
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Prince Taldaram

Prince Taldaram is a pretty easy tank and spank fight but he has four total abilities that you'll have to deal with.

  • Conjure Flame Sphere
  • Blood Thirst
  • Vanish
  • Embrace of the Vampyr

For this fight, the big thing to look out for is the Vanish ability. When he reappears at a player, he will cast Embrace of the Vampyr, which will stunn and drain health from the player. It lasts a total of 20 seconds or until he sustains 40,000 damage. You should have switch to him immediately and burn him down as fast as possible. Otherwise that's all for this one.

After this, head down the little hallway to the left of the boss. Now from here you have a couple options on which boss you want to fight. There is a secret boss that you can fight that isn't required to to complete the dungeon. We'll talk about that boss next. To get there, go to the left side of the the room, and go left down the ramp. You'll kill some swamp cave beasts and then you'll see the secret boss.

Amanitar from Ahn'Kahet
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Upon starting the fight, Amanitar will summon a bunch of two types of mushrooms to the field. We'll talk about those later. There are a few simple abilities to deal with.

  • Bash
  • Entangling Roots
  • Venom Bolt Volley
  • Mini

The first three abilities are pretty simple in nature, nothing to note about here. The real trick is the Mini ability. It will shrink all players and reduce their damage by 75%. When this happens, everyone should gather around one of the Healthy Mushrooms and kill it. Upon killing it, the mini buff will be cancelled. The Poisonous Mushrooms just releases a poison dot, so try to avoid those if possible.

After killing this, boss, head back up the ramp, and clear the adds on the left side of the room, as well as the Twilight Initiates on the platform to get to the next boss.

Jedoga Shadowseeker from Ahn'Kahet
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Jedoga Shadowseeker

Our next boss is Jedoga Shadowseeker. She has three simple abilities and one to really look out for.

  • Thundershock
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Cyclone Strike
  • Twlight Ascendance

The main ability to worry about is Twilight Ascendance. At 50% health, Jedoga will call upon a Twilight Volunteer to come before her for sacrifice. The add will walk up towards the pool of water and it if reaches her, it will be sacrificed granting Jedoga Gift of the Herald. This buff increases her damage done by 200% for 20 seconds. When Twilight Ascendance starts, everyone should swap over to that immediately. After that's down, finish off the boss and you're all set.

After the boss is dead, you can head back up the side of the room you entered, or go to the other side and kill the adds. You're going to have to go to the web platform on the right side of the stairs you entered the room from. Kill the three forgotten ones and prepare for the final boss.

Herald Volazj from Ahn'Kahet
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Herald Volazj

The final boss is Herald Volazj, one of Yogg-Saron's minions. He has four abilities to work through in this fight.

  • Mind Flay
  • Shadow Bolt Volley
  • Shiver (Curse)
  • Insanity

Mind Flay and Shadow Bolt Volley are pretty straight forward to deal with. Shiver is a curse, which can be dispelled from the player and should be. Insanity is the only unique ability here. When it's cast, each player will see hallucinations of their allies. That player will be left in that state until they kill those hallucinations, then they can return to the boss fight. This will be much easier for the DPS and tank, but healers should have some damaging abilities in their spellbooks so they should utilize them here.

And that's the dungeon! As we said earlier, this is a dungeon that you'll encounter fairly early on in the expansion, so it's not terribly long nor difficult. Be sure to stay tuned to our other dungeon guides in Wrath Classic as well. That being said, while you're here, if you're interested in more Classic content, be sure to check out our guide for the must have addons for Wrath, as well as our guide to making your very own Death Knight.

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