WoW Classic transfer - How to use the free server transfer in WotLK

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Three characters using the WoW Classic transfer.
September 25, 2022: Get those free WoW Classic transfer requests in before WotLK launches.

Looking to get a free WoW Classic transfer? By sticking the in-game shop from modern WoW into WoW Classic, there's a bit of confusion about certain in-game actions and services. If you're struggling with the queues and want to transfer to a different realm for free in WotLK, we've broken down the steps. They're not quite the same as retail, and it all depends on the server you're coming from.

Down below, we'll go through the process of using a WotLK free character transfer to pull a toon from a full or high-popularity server and move them to a low-popularity or newer realm. If you're hoping to make a proper dent in Wrath, you're going to want to avoid the queues.

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How to use a free character transfer in Classic Wrath of the Lich King

If you're looking to high-tail it off a busy realm onto a quieter one for an easier time playing WotLK Classic, here's what to do:

  • Launch the game.
  • Log into the server you want to transfer from (yes, you'll have to brave the queue).
  • Click the 'Shop' button in the lower-left area of the screen from the character list.
  • Click into the 'Services' tab.
  • If your server is eligible and offering free character transfers, you'll see the 'Free Character Transfer' option as the first option, beside a paid Character Transfer and a Name Change
  • Click the free option and click 'Buy Now'
  • Select your current realm from the drop-down, then the character you want to transfer
  • Tick the 'Transfer realm' box beneath the character plate that appears
  • Select the server you want to transfer to from list that appears on the right

Once that's all done, select the 'Continue' button that should now be filled in. The transfer should happen immediately, but you won't get a confirmation box. Just wait, hop to the new server, and you should see your character there.

Using the Classic Transfer in WoW Classic WotLK.
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Why can't I select a server with the WotLK classic transfer?

If the only box that appears when you select 'Transfer realm' is a text box you can type in, you're seemingly out of luck right now. What should appear is a list of available servers to transfer to. If it doesn't we're not sure what to suggest. It isn't clear if no servers are eligible to receive transferred players or whether there's just a little glitch in the system. Either way, there's nothing you can do right now.

Why is there no free character transfer in the WoW WotLK shop?

If you've hopped onto your server and don't see the Free Character Transfer option in the 'Services' tab of the in-game shop, you're out of luck: free server transfers aren't offered by your server yet. This essentially means that Blizzard hasn't deemed your server busy enough to need a mass exodus, so you'll have to pay for the service instead.


Which WotLK servers get free character transfers?

Though we can't be certain without having a character on every server in the game for testing, it seems safe to assume that any WotLK server that's labelled 'Full' or 'Locked' will have the option for free character transfers enabled. Any below (labelled High, Low, or New) won't be eligible for free transfers.

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