Where to find the Librarian of the Reach books in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

A shot of The Forbidden Reach in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

A shot of The Forbidden Reach in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The Forbidden Reach in World of Warcraft Dragonflight is full of secrets, including hidden books that expand upon the history of the mysterious Dragon Isles and hint towards the game's future. By collecting each of these books, you'll earn the 'Librarian of the Reach' achievement. But you'll need the Librarian of The Reach book locations to make this one not an absolute chore of a mission.

Thankfully, this guide contains the location of every book in The Forbidden Reach you'll need to complete the achievement. We've even included book coordinates for those using AddOns, and map locations for those of you who prefer the old-fashioned method of treasure hunting.

Librarian of the Reach book locations

You must gather nine books hidden throughout The Forbidden Reach to earn the Librarian of The Reach achievement. These books don't need to be read. You can even safely sell or destroy them. Pick one up, and it's registered to the achievement log. What you do with the after that is your decision.

Using the TomTom AddOn, you can enter the following coordinates for directions to the six books found in the open world:

  • /way #2151 51 59 The Burden of Lapisagos (Entrance)
  • /way #2151 48 73 The Burden of Lapisagos
  • /way #2151 71 67 A Song of the Depths
  • /way #2151 57 63 Lost Expedition Notes
  • /way #2151 60 38 A Soldier's Journal (Entrance)
  • /way #2151 64 56 A Soldier's Journal
  • /way #2151 61 63 Words of the Wyrmslayer
  • /way #2151 34 8 Return of the Nightsquall

The exact locations of every book, as well as how to get the remaining three books, can be found below.

A map of The War Creche, with the location of The Burden of Lapisagos - to the left of a pit of lava - circled
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The Burden of Lapisagos

The first book you need to earn the Librarian of the Reach achievement in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is 'The Burden of Lapisagos.' This can be found inside The War Creche, accessed through the large door in The Old Weyrn Grounds at coordinates 51, 59.

There are often parties in the Premade Groups section actively farming Zskera Vault Keys in the War Creche, which you may need to join to make your way through safely due to the number of Elite enemies.

World of Warcraft character standing over the Spellworn Missive book sitting on a cluttered table
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Once inside The War Creche, go down the stairs and into the main chamber. The book, labelled Spellworn Missive, sits on a table beside the giant pit of lava. The coordinates are 48, 73.

Map of  The Forbidden Reach with a cave in the Eastern section circled
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A Song of the Depths

'A Song of the Depths' is found in the Burrow of The Faithful - a cave populated by Naga in the Eastern part of The Forbidden Reach.

A Song of the Depths atop a rock used as a seat inside a cave
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The Farscale Manifesto containing the book needed for the achievement is on a makeshift rock seat to the right of the opening next to the main entrance. The coordinates are 71, 67.

Lost Expedition Notes circled on a map of the Forbidden Reach
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Lost Expedition Notes

You can find 'Lost Expedition Notes' in a ruined tower in Talonlords' Perch - the collection of structures East of The Old Weyrn Grounds.

Lost Expedition Notes sat on a table in a ruined tower
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Fly around the back of the broadest tower and swoop into the middle. The Expedition Notes are waiting for you on a table guarded by a Dracthyr. The coordinates are 57, 63.

The location of A Soldier's Journal in Frostone Vaults
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A Soldier's Journal

'A Soldier's Journal' is hidden away inside Froststone Vault. The entrance to the Vault is marked on the map with a large door, similar to The War Creche. The exact coordinates to the opening of the Frostone Vault are 60, 38.

A Soldier's Journal World of Warcraft screenshot
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Descend the stairs and enter the first room on the right to find the Journal, as expected, sitting on a table at 64, 56. The Vault and the room containing 'A Soldier's Journal' are guarded by Elite mobs, so you may need to bring a helping hand, depending on your class and item level.

Words of the Wyrmslayer Location in World of Warcraft
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Words of the Wyrmslayer

The tall tower overlooking Froststone Vault at coordinates 61, 33 houses Words of the Syrmslayer. If you've followed this guide so far, you can fly directly up from the entrance to the Vault.

Words of the Wyrmslayer location
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To make a change, the book is on top of a box at the platform's edge, next to a dragon skull. Grab the Dragon Glyph here if you haven't already.

Return of the Nightsquall Location World of Warcraft
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Return of the Nightsquall

'Return of the Nightsquall' is located on a lone pirate ship in the North-Western waters surrounding The Forbidden Reach at coordinates 34, 8.

Return of the Nightsquall book sitting on a counter in a pirate ship
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Land on the lower deck and head into the open room leading into the stern. Loot the 'Pirate Procolomation' on the counter to the right of the entrance to obtain 'Return of the Nightsquall.'

Zskera Vault circled on The Forbidden Reach map
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Living Book, Opera of the Aspects, and The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth (Annotated)

Using a Zskera Vault Key, you can unlock doors inside Zsekra Vaults to discover hoards of treasure. These rooms are completely randomized and unique to each player, with no way to tell what's behind the door.

The final three books needed for Librarian of the Reach - Living Book, Opera of the Aspects, and The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth (Annotated) - can only be found separately in random Zsekra Vault rooms.

Zskera Vault Keys have a high chance to drop from Rare Elite enemies, a low chance to drop from regular mobs, and can be looted from the 'Sack of Oddities' purchasable from Cataloger Daela.

Once you've obtained all nine books, you'll earn the Librarian of the Reach achievement and ten achievement points.

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