Warzone Mobile map - Points of interest, layout, and more

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Three operators looking over the Warzone Mobile map.

One of the world's biggest games is mobile-bound, making this Warzone Mobile map a valuable piece of intel. Warzone has had a pretty explosive couple of years behind it. With a huge launch and then the launch of Warzone 2, millions of players are now playing it every month.

As well as going over what we know about the map right now, we go through what we believe are the list of POIs in the game and also when we can expect to play it for ourselves. Needless to say, there's still a lot out out there we don't know yet. Mobile games, like console ones, are announced long before they're properly released, with details spilling out from regional tests over time.


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Warzone Mobile map

We currently know that the Warzone Mobile map is Verdansk from the original Call of Duty Warzone. No longer in rotation in Warzone 2, it makes sense it would come back for this. So if you liked Verdansk, this is the only way you can play it.

There's no guarnetee it's the exact same size and features a one-to-one recreation of the console version, but it wouldn't be out of the ordinary. Even with Fortnite and PUBG Mobile releasing just a few years after the full versions, the maps weren't tweaked beyond graphical presentation. Phones are more powerful than you think.

Will there be more Warzone Mobile maps?

If you're asking whether Caldera could come to Warzone Mobile, we can't rule it out, but we also can't confirm it, either. There's reason to suspect Warzone Mobile could follow a similar timeline as the original release as it goes through seasons, but it could also just stay as a classic experience throughout its life.

It seems likely that, as the game continues to grow, it will add more maps into its rotation and you will get to play more than just Verdansk. It is unclear how much change will happen between the console version of the map and the mobile one so we will update you here as more information comes in.

Warzone Mobile Map

Warzone Mobile POI list

Standing for "point of interest", we don't know how many POIs will be in Warzone Mobile just yet. This being said, we know that up 120 players will be present in each game, meaning that the map needs to be loaded with lots of different options to keep players from crowding the same spots.

Here is a list of the POIs from the original Verdansk map:

  • Airport
  • Boneyard
  • Dam
  • Downtown
  • Farmland
  • Hills
  • Hospital
  • Lumber
  • Military Base
  • Park
  • Port
  • Prison (Gulag)
  • Promenade East
  • Promenade West
  • Quarry
  • Stadium
  • Storage Town
  • Superstore
  • Train Station
  • Tv Station

When can I play Warzone Mobile?

We don't have an official release date just yet but we are anticipating Warzone Mobile to have an official launch some time in the middle of 2023.

You can pre-register for the game on Google Play right here. The game was updated on the app store mere days ago so it seems like the team is working hard to get it ready for launch.

Content creators have had hands-on with the game so we know it is currently in a playable state, even if they need a little more time to perfect everything.

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