How to annex subjects in Victoria 3

A burning, combat-ridden forest in Victoria 3.

A burning, combat-ridden forest in Victoria 3.

Learning how to annex in Victoria 3 is one of the most complex processes in the hit strategy game. As in real life, it includes various aspects you should take into account. On top of that, annexation has a significant impact on the economic and political situation of your country. Incorrectly prepared annexation might easily lead to a default.

Therefore, the decision to start military intervention in another state is not as straightforward as it might seem. Read this guide, and you will find out everything you need to know about annexation in Victoria 3.

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How to annex subjects in Victoria 3

Generally, annexation is a complex process that requires economic and political power. Moreover, there are a few ways of annexation in Victoria 3. This means you can shake up your strategy, to decide which method works best for you.

Diplomatic Play

Without a doubt, Diplomatic Play is the most peaceful way to annex another state. You can find the various lenses on the bottom of your screen, and in case of annexation, you should use a Diplomatic Lens. Here you can see the attitude of other nations and control your interests in other countries.

In the Diplomatic Lens, there is an option called Diplomatic Plays. You should select it and choose among plenty of options. Choose Annex Subject on the left side of your screen. A list of all annexation targets will appear, and you will be able to select an object for annexation.

The main disadvantage of Diplomatic Play is that it works only if you already have an interest and influence in another state. The process is way more complex if you want to annex another state from scratch. However, it is still possible.

First, you should set up a strategic region. This is a collection of state regions that are important to your state. But remember that you should have a high rank to set up additional interest. The more territory you want to annex, the higher position you need to have.

After you select the strategic region, you should declare an active interest in the strategic area. It means you are ready to invest money, develop infrastructure, and protect the population’s interests.

After that, you should do the last three steps: Opening Moves, Diplomatic Manoeuvres, and a Countdown to War.

Victoria 3 Annex Guide
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Opening Moves

Opening Moves is the first phase of Diplomatic Play that starts your intervention into another country. It is the tipping point, which means that you will not be able to stop intervention after you select it. Moreover, both sides will get the ability to set up War Goals, and prepare for military intervention.

Diplomatic Manoeuvres

The next step after Opening Moves is to start doing Diplomatic Manoeuvres. During this process, you should find other states that support you and create a coalition. Also, you should justify the annexation using any available method.

Remember that Manoeuvres are unique and depend on the state you will sway. Therefore, you must find an individual approach whenever you want to annex the nation, deciding your allies wisely.

Countdown to War

This is the last and the most complex process in the annexation of another state. You should mobilise all available battalions, and increase the command limit as much as possible. Also, it would be best to divide your military objectives between commanders, giving them special orders. One order can contain even a few war targets and is immediately sent to the commander. This ensures your approach is more balanced.

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When you have all the preparation done, you can start the military intervention in Victoria 3 and annex the desired territory.

A map showing a Victoria 3 game in progress.
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Is annexation profitable in Victoria 3?

Even though it might seem that annexation has only positive impacts on expanding your influence, there are various nuances you should know about it.

The disadvantages of annexation in Victoria 3

One of the most important aspects of annexation that most people ignore is the high risk of social vigils. It's no secret that an occupied nation will have a secondary position in society, which is unsuitable for these people. Moreover, there is a high risk of rebellion in the annexed states, even if they are culturally close to you.

Also, annexation requires a lot of money. You should create additional workplaces, adapt the constitution, and protect the interests of the newborn region. In this case, the annexation of another country will positively impact your economy. Otherwise, it will be a driving force for rebellions and economic stagnation.

The advantages of annexation in Victoria 3

Even though it is pretty hard to talk about annexation positively, elaborated military intervention might benefit your economy significantly, particularly thanks to the territory you'll gain. When annexing another state, you significantly increase natural resource potential, which will help you grow faster.

Another advantage of annexation is the increasing population. When you annex a state, approximately a few million people become citizens of your state. They will pay taxes and produce money working for manufacturers. If you cope with the various problems created by annexation, these people might become a core of the economy.

That's it for our look at how to annex in Victoria 3! If you're looking to cleanse your palette with something lighter, check out our AFK Arena tier list and Wild Rift tier list. Those mobile hits will keep you busy!

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