All Bowser abilities in Super Mario RPG

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Bowser pointing at an enemy in Super Mario RPG
Credit: Nintendo

Want to find out all Bowser abilities in Super Mario RPG? We got you covered. The iconic King Koopa is one of five playable characters in the beloved SNES classic, as well as in the remake that, according to our review, maintains much of the original's charm.

Bowser is the fourth party member you'll be able to play as in Super Mario RPG, after Mario, Mallow, and Geno. He focuses on extremely powerful physical attacks but also has a few aces of his paw in the form of elemental damage spells.

Getting Bowser will grant you access to some of the game's most powerful Triple Moves. You can unleash these powerful, cinematic attacks by filling up the Action Gauge.

So with that said, let's take a look at what Bowser adds to your party in Super Mario RPG.

All Bowser abilities in Super Mario RPG

Bowser is the party member with the least abilities in Super Mario RPG, only boasting a total of four. Take a look at them:

List of Bowser abilities in Super Mario RPG
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Credit: Nintendo
Bowser doesn't rely on special moves as much as other characters
  • Terrorize: Cost: 6 FP. Power (10) - Deals Fear damage to all enemies
  • Poison Gas: Cost: 10 FP. Power (20) - Poisons all foes
  • Crusher: Cost: 12 FP. Power (60) Earth eruption. Hit A right after the rock pokes out for extra damage
  • Mechakoopa Stomp: Cost: 16 FP. Power (58) - Bowser's ultimate weapon, mash A to deal extra damage.

Bowser doesn't rely too much on special attacks, serving as utility more than his main source of damage. Although he does have some abilities that pack a punch, the Koopa King's massive physical damage stat will see you preserve FP while using him, saving it for other party members more reliant on abilities.

It's understandable why he has the least amount of abilities considering other characters heavily rely on the usage of FP to become relevant. We recommend you try to analyse an enemy's weakness with Mallow's Thought Peak, so you can then take advantage of Bowser's Fear or Poison in case they are susceptive to them.

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