What is Eternity’s gender in Street Fighter 6?

Eternity Street Fighter 6 gender
Credit: Capcom

Eternity Street Fighter 6 gender
Credit: Capcom

Eternity is one of the most enigmatic figures in Street Fighter 6, with fans wondering what is the gender of this extravagant newcomer to the franchise.

SF6 introduced a colourful cast of brand-new characters alongside the return of franchise staples like Ryu, Ken, Cammy, and Chun-Li. There's the French Judo fighter, Manon, the Italian gladiator, Marisa, or the lovable Native American, Lily.

Eternity is a special case, as they're not a playable character but serve as the main host for the Battle Hub, SF6's social space, welcoming players to the virtual venue filled with a few activities besides playing online matches. You can try extreme rules battles online, avatar matches, and even play retro Capcom titles.

Eternity also plays a role in World Tour, SF6's story-driven campaign mode, acting as the host for an amateur fighting tournament held in Metro City during some of the story's early chapters.

With Capcom positioning Eternity as such a prominent figure in Street Fighter 6, it's only natural fans want to know more about this flamboyant character.

What gender is Eternity in Street Fighter 6?

Eternity Street Fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom
What is Eternity's gender?

Eternity's style has made people question what gender the character is. They boast somewhat masculine physical qualities; however, Eternity's fashion sense, which inevitably caught the eye of thousands of fans, voice tone, one far from the typical deep voice associated with male characters in gaming, and even fighting style leave room for different interpretations.

Yes, you can indeed fight Eternity in World Tour mode, although it's in the later chapters of the mode. They fight using Juri's style, one of the most popular female characters in Street Fighter.

There hasn't been an official word from Capcom regarding Eternity's gender, opting to stay silent and let people interpret the character as they prefer.

Eternity's voice actor, Vittorio "Wyatt" Gray, is a member of the transgender community, with fans speculating that Eternity might be as well, and was created by Capcom as a means to add even more inclusivity to Street Fighter 6, a game already filled to the brim with characters from different backgrounds.

Like other mysteries in the world of Street Fighter, including how old is Chun-Li, it seems this is one of those questions Capcom won't answer any time soon and will remain an enigma for the foreseeable future.

And that's it! What do you think Eternity's gender is? If you want more content, check out our Street Fighter 6 character tier list guide, which will surely help you pick a main and start dominating the ranked and casual game modes.

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