Steelrising assisted mode - How it works and tips

Steelrising assisted mode explained

Steelrising assisted mode explained

If you have just spotted the Steelrising assisted mode and want to know what it is, here's everything we know about it. From how it works to what it means for your trophies and content in the game, this is what you should know.

As well as all of this, we go over how difficult the game is, some general tips to make your combat easier, and what you should know about trophies and new game plus with assisted mode on. Though it is a more accessible way to play the game, it does come with some downsides.

If you're looking for even more information on the game, here's what you should know about the Steelrising release date, the possibility of Steelrising coming to Xbox Game Pass and which Steelrising class you should pick.

Steelrising assisted mode explained

Steelrising's assisted mode is essentially the game's way of letting you pick your own difficulty. It is a toggle that lets you have access to ways to customise your game. In here, you can choose to change how much damage enemies do, how quick you regain stamina, how convenient cooling is, and, most importantly, gives you the ability to not lose your Anime Essence on death. If you are familiar with Dark Souls, this is like never losing your souls on death.

Steelrising assisted mode explained
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In return for this, you are locked out from earning some difficulty-based achievements and cannot unlock New Game + mode. Essentially, it's a good way to learn the game before tackling it at its 'intended difficulty'. It will ease you into the world and mechanics at your own pace.

As well as having the option as you start the game, you can change it at any time in the options menu. If the game is starting to feel a little easier than you would like, you could start turning them down until a point you're comfortable with.

How difficult is Steelrising?

From my experience with the game, it appears to be a little easier than most souls likes out there. There are tonnes of very powerful weapons, a very forgiving attack system with elemental damage and immobilisation, as well as plenty of space to run away to.

If you like the aesthetic and want a soulslike on the easier end, this seems like a good choice.

Some Steelrising tips

Generally, when it comes to Steelrising, you will benefit from doing some things you've been told never to do. As the soft lock on attributes hit by around ten in Steelrising, diversifying where you put your points is worth doing. Every attribute will positively affect your character, regardless of what your loadout is. This is because all stats have a few more general places they add to.

As well as this, always aim to swap around your loadout. Testing out new gear and items is the best way to stay strong as you approach the end of the game. Generally, you should aim to explore the world and take every item you can.

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