How to unlock Stealth in Starfield

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September 29, 2023: Become sneaky in no time with our Starfield stealth guide.

Starfield would not be a true Bethesda RPG if it did not feature stealth mechanics and unique ways to take on encounters. If you are wondering how to unlock Stealth in Starfield, you can do so very early in the game as soon as you get your first skill point but there is a catch.

Even if you want to play with all guns blazing, it is important to have stealth skills for sticky situations. There are countless missions where you can save a bunch of time by sneaking in and out and taking advantage of the stealth mechanic is very important if you are low on ammo and other resources to sustain a long fight.

Before we go deeper into unlocking and using stealth, consider checking out our guide on how to get XP fast in Starfield to get access to Skill Points much faster to enable your stealth build. We also have a list of quests in case you want to find out how many missions there are in the game.

How to unlock Stealth in Starfield early

If you want to start with Stealth you have to start with either Cyber Runner or Ronin as your background. Both these backgrounds will allow you to access the Stealth skill tree right away. But do note that you will not have any Stealth abilities until you get your first skill point and actually enable your stealth capabilities.

How to use Stealth in Starfield

Stealth in Starfield
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The game does a great job of letting you know if you are hidden or not. Here is how the stealth mechanics work in the game:

  • When you break line of sight and hide from an enemy, you will see a meter marked “HIDDEN”
  • If you are seen by enemies, the text on your “HIDDEN” meter will change to “SEEN”
  • If you are attacked, the meter changes to “DANGER” and you have to engage in combat.

There is a middle ground between the HIDDEN and SEEN status on your stealth bar and you can break line of sight to go back to the HIDDEN status. The more skill points you allot to your Stealth skill tree, you will be able to sneak quickly.

Without spoiling anything, there are items and builds in the game that can exponentially increase your damage when you have the HIDDEN status. Stealth builds in Starfield are not just about sneaking around and getting the job done, they can also dish out serious damage.


You can go into dangerous missions and take out dangerous foes at the start of a fight with a single shot and that’s very valuable. If you are going for a stealth build, we strongly recommend using Reconstim which will dampen the sound of your movement. Of course, the best use for a Stealth build is for trying to get free loot by pickpocketing NPCs.

That is all you need to know about unlocking and using stealth in the game. For more content consider checking out our coverage of this moving tribute to a fan by Bethesda. We also have a guide on how to sell items in case you are looking to make a quick buck.

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