Are there Starfield cheats?

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Starfield cheats
September 22, 2023: Here is everything to know about cheats in Starfield.

Starfield has over 250 console commands that you can use to make your experience easier. If you are wondering if there are Starfield cheats, yes there are plenty of official cheats that you can access via the game’s console menu.

If you are looking to get legendary items or mods for your weapons, you can do it all thanks to the diverse pool of cheats that the game has already built in for players. At the time of writing, the cheats are available only for PC players so if you are on Xbox, you are out of luck. We do not know if Bethesda plans on adding the cheat menu to consoles so you might not want to get your hopes up.

Before we talk more about the cheats, consider checking out our guide on how the dialogue system works in Starfield. We've also got a guide on how to change your helmet in Starfield for players looking to spice things up.

How to use Starfield cheats

Starfield cheats
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To enter cheats and console commands in Starfield, press the Tidle (~) key while in-game or when using the menu system. The command console will now appear, and you can enter codes.

List of all Starfield cheats

Command Effect
tgmToggle God Mode - Enables complete invincibility and unlimited ammo.
timToggle Immortal Mode - Enables you to take damage, but you'll never reach 0 health.
psbPlayer Spellbook - Unlocks all available powers.
tdetectToggle Detect - NPCs will no longer detect you.
tcaiToggle Combat AI - Combat AI will no longer target you.
tclToggle No Clip - Character collision is disabled.
additem (Item ID) (Value)Adds Items.
(Ref ID).amod (OMOD ID)Attach Weapon Mods.
(Ref ID).rmod (OMOD ID)Remove Weapon Mods.
killallKill All NPCs.
kahKill All Hostiles.
resurrectResurrect NPC - Selected NPC will be resurrected.
unlockUnlock Doors and Containers.
showmenu sleepwaitmenuShow Sleep / Wait Menu - Quickly access the wait menu, allowing you to adjust time on the fly.
player.setlevel (Value)Set Character Level - Character is set to the specified level.
player.additem (Item ID) (Value)Add Items to Inventory - Specified items will be added to your inventory.
player.placeatme (Item ID) (Value)Spawn Item/Creature at You - The specified item or creature will be spawned directly in front of your character.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID)Pay Off Bounties.
showlooksmenu player 1Open Character Creator. Can be used mid-campaign.
player.removeperk (Perk ID)Remove Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds.
player.addperk (Perk ID)Add Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds - The specified skill, trait, or background will be added to your character.

Starfield Item IDs

Here are all of the item IDs for commands that allow you to spawn specific items.

  • 0000000F - Credits
  • 0000000A - Digipicks
  • 000547A3 - Breach (Weapon)
  • 0002EB45 - MagSniper (Weapon)
  • 0026D963 - Big Bang (Weapon)
  • 0026D960 - Shotty (Weapon)
  • 0026D964 - Auto-Rivet (Weapon)
  • 0002CB5F - Regulator (Weapon)
  • 0002EB42 - Magshot (Weapon)
  • 0026D96A - Bridger (Weapon)
  • 00000FD6 - Razorback (Weapon)
  • 0026D96B - Coachman (Weapon)
  • 00023606 - Magpulse (Weapon)
  • 0026D96D - Urban Eagle (Weapon)
  • 0026D95D - Sidestar (Weapon)
  • 00065925 - Incendiary Experimental Nishina (Spacesuit)
  • 0007B2B9 - Sentinel’s UC Antixeno (Spacesuit)
  • 0022B8F6 - Repulsing Explorer (Spacesuit)
  • 0013F97D - Peacemaker (Spacesuit)
  • 00225FC9 - Monsterkostüm (Spacesuit)
  • 001F22BC - Gran-Gran’s (Spacesuit)
  • 00065926 - Reactive Experimental Nishina (Helmet)
  • 0010A25E - Incendiary UC AntiXeno (Helmet)
  • 0013F97B - Peacemaker (Helmet)
  • 0001754F - Mark I (Helmet)
  • 001F22BC - Gran-Gran’s (Helmet)
  • 0010A25D - Armor-Plated UC AntiXeno (Boost Pack)
  • 0001754E - Mark 1 (Boost Pack)
  • 0021A86C - UC Shock Power (Boost Pack)

That is all you need to know about using cheats in Starfield. For more content check out our guide on how to fast travel in Starfield and our list of confirmed cities in case you want to explore all of the game world.

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