How to change name in Starfield

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how to change name in starfield
September 29, 2023: Learn how to change your name in Starfield with our guide.

If you’re one of those people wondering how to change your name in Starfield, fear not as we have all the information you need to get this task done within the game. Now that Starfield is finally released, you can begin your interstellar travel, paired with gunfighting and mission going, to solve humanity's greatest mystery.

Now, in this article we’ll be helping you figure out how to change your character name. Typically, when you complete the character creation process in a game, you’ll be satisfied with all the different aspects of the character you developed.

But what happens if you realise after a couple of hours of gameplay that the name you chose for your character isn’t something you want to run with because it feels odd to look at or just doesn’t sound right? Naturally, you’d want to make an adjustment by editing it.

The good news is that in Starfield you’re able to change your character name in a few simple steps. Here’s where we outline that process for you.

Changing your character name in Starfield

Alright, first things first. To change your character name in Starfield you need to visit an Enhance! shop. There are three shops of this type located in the major cities within the game, such as:

  • Akila City – near the main gate situated past the army barracks;
  • Neon - to the left of Volii Hotel; and
  • New Atlantis – between Outland and Infinity Ltd

One major benefit here is the time saved, as you don’t have to go through the process of starting a new save in order to make this change to your character.

Once you visit the shop, the game screen will shift back to the character creation segment where you can alter your name on the character profile section.

Cost of changing your name in Starfield

You should also bear in mind the cost of changing the name for your created character once you’ve advanced into the game world.


Using any of the Enhance! shops will demand a fee of 500 credits. Although, this is a relatively inexpensive cost considering the fact that some in-game items like weapons and armour are worth 50 to 100 credits apiece.

So, there you have it!

This article has succinctly outlined how you can change your character name in Starfield. Should you wish to learn more about other actions you can perform in this game, then check out our post on how to craft in Starfield, or our guide on how to save your game progress in Starfield.

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