Stardew Valley best crops per season

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Green bean, melon, and cranberry in Stardew Valley.
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Just like in most other farming simulators, crops are one of the essential parts of Stardew Valley. Every season requires a unique approach and tending to different crops. And if you want to keep making good money throughout the year, you'll want to know the best crops per season in Stardew Valley.

The biggest challenge of Stardew Valley for most players is sifting through seeds to work out which ones are worth their weight in gold. Instead of wasting hard-earned cash on seeds you won't make much profit from, you can streamline your game by only picking up the best crops for each season.


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Why do I need to choose the best crops in Stardew Valley?

One of the main goals in Stardew Valley is earning money. Money allows you to expand the farm, grow new crops, and just have more fun. And if you plant the best Stardew Valley crops each season, you will make stacks of money. Let's get started.

The beautiful garden with various crops in Stardew Valley.

Best spring crops

Green Bean

Quality Selling Price
Normal40 gold
Silver50 gold
Gold60 gold
Iridium80 gold

Green bean is a popular crop not only in real life but also in Stardew Valley. You can purchase it in Pierre’s General Store for 60 gold. Moreover, the green bean will continue to grow after the first harvest.


The regrowth period is three days, and it will take 10 days for this crop to reach maturity.


Quality Selling Price
Normal120 gold
Silver150 gold
Gold180 gold
Iridium240 gold

Purchasing a Strawberry seed at the Egg Festival is one of the best spring investments in Stardew Valley. Even though this crop is pretty expensive, it has a four-day regrowth period and a minimum margin of 20 gold.


Quality Selling Price
Normal 220 gold
Silver275 gold
Gold330 gold
Iridium440 gold

Rhubarb is the only single-harvest crop for the spring season in Stardew Valley. You can get rhubarb seeds from the Travelling Cart or Oasis. But the main disadvantage is that its price might vary from 100 to 1000 gold.


Purchasing rhubarb for 100 gold will make you an in-game millionaire based on potential profit margins. Rhubarb reaches maturity in 13 days, so you can harvest this crop twice per season.

Best summer crops


Quality Selling Price
Normal50 gold
Silver62 gold
Gold75 gold
Iridium 100 gold

Blueberry is the most profitable Summer Crop in Stardew Valley. You can buy it in Pierre’s General Store for 80 gold and harvest them with a four-day regrowth period for stacks of berries throughout the season. If you're looking for a bumper harvest, look no further.


Quality Selling Price
Normal250 gold
Silver312 gold
Gold 375 gold
Iridium500 gold

Melon is one of the main attributes of summer not only in real life, but on your virtual farm, too. Just like most crops in the game, melon can be obtained in Pierre’s General Store for 80 gold.


Even though it does not have a regrowth period, melons can boast a high selling price, allowing you to make a lot of money every season. You'll just need to stock up on seeds while you can.

Coffee Bean

Quality Selling Price
Normal 15 gold
Silver18 gold
Gold22 gold
Iridium 30 gold

One of the main problems with coffee beans is that you can only purchase them from a traveling cart. They're rare, too, with a slim 25 percent spawn chance.

The price for coffee beans varies from 100 to 2500 gold. And the main feature of this crop is that it has a two-day regrowth period, allowing you to make a lot of money if you're lucky enough to find them at a good price.

Best fall crops


Quality Selling Price
Normal 320 gold
Silver400 gold
Gold 480 gold
Iridium640 gold

Pumpkins are one of the main attributes of fall. And in Stardew Valley, they are a perfect choice if you want to make money. Even though you can harvest Pumpkins only two times per season, they have a high margin, allowing for a tidy profit. You can purchase seeds only for 100 gold and then sell them for the prices in the table below.


Quality Selling Price
Normal 75 gold
Silver93 gold
Gold 112 gold
Iridium150 gold

Cranberry is an autumn version of berries. You can purchase its seeds in Pierre’s General Store for 240 gold. They reach maturity in seven days and bear new fruit every five days.

Sweet Gem Berry

Quality Selling Price
Normal 3,000 gold
Silver3,750 gold
Gold4,500 gold
Iridium 6,000 gold

Sweet Gem Berry is the rarest and the most expensive crop in Stardew Valley. It can be obtained using a Rare Seed found in the Travelling Card, but the chance of obtaining it is approximately 1 percent. It's rough.


Sweet Gem Berry costs 1,000 gold and has a maturity period of 24 days. But the selling price shows that efforts are worth the result.

How to harvest crops in winter in Stardew Valley

One of the best things about harvesting crops in Stardew Valley is that you can do it in winter without much effort. You just need to use a unique Greenhouse where you can plant any crop you want. But it would be best to opt for the regrowing crops, as they are the most profitable option in the game.

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