Sims 4 money cheat - How to get infinite money

sims 4 money cheat

sims 4 money cheat

It's no secret that The Sims employs a network of extravagant items and Stuff packs. However, obtaining such items does come at a rather hefty price, and one that not every Sim and their neighbour can afford, either. That being said, there is a way to purchase such luxuries without having to resort to nine-to-five grinds, as long as you know the Sims 4 money cheat.

Of course, a money cheat isn't a revolutionary concept by any means. In fact, The Sims has held the same one for the best part of 20 years now, which has helped fellow gamers unlock their inner creativity without having to pour dozens of hours into climbing career ladders and what have you. Question is, how can you activate it, and what effects does it have on the overall gameplay once implemented?

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Sims 4 money cheat

Activating the The Sims 4 money cheat is a sure-fire way to bag a large amount of simoleons without having to undertake any additional work. To enable the cheat box, all you have to do is hit the following buttons on your chosen platform:



Xbox One/Series X|S - Hold LB, LT, RB, RT

PS4/PS5 - Hold L1, L2, R1, R2

Once you have successfully booted up the cheat box, you will have the chance to punch in some codes. To activate an instant cash flow, be sure to type in any of the below cheats in the appropriate text box. Activating any cheat will automatically update the game and your current balance.

rosebud - receive 1,000 simoleons

kaching - receive 1,000 simoleons

motherlode - receive 50,000 simoleons

money X - select the amount of simoleons you'd like by swapping out the X for a number

Other helpful cheat codes

Looking to make life a little easier for your Sims? You can also add a few money-saving cheats that will effectively banish your bills, and even make neighbouring lots completely free. To add either of these cheats, simply enter the following codes in the text box.

household.autopay_bills true - disable household bills

household.autopay_bills false - enable household bills

FreeRealEstate On - makes all neighbourhood lots free

FreeRealEstate Off - returns all neighbourhood lots to their original price

It is worth noting that, once you enable any cheats in The Sims 4, you will automatically sacrifice your chances of unlocking any achievements or trophies on both Xbox and PlayStation. To avoid losing any progress, be sure to create a separate save file before enabling the cheat mode.

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