How to beat Elder Mist in Sea of Stars

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The Elder Mist boss battle in Sea of Stars.

The Elder Mist boss in Sea of Stars is one of the earliest bosses you will encounter in the game's enchanting world. Attempting to vanquish this giant with mere direct physical attacks from your arsenal would prove futile, rendering your efforts seemingly worthless. Instead, you'd find yourself scratching your head, as the majority of your attacks would be effortlessly countered by this formidable foe.

However, defeating this giant cloud boss is a walk in the park provided you grasp a few crucial concepts. You will encounter Elder Mist as a primary boss during the Sea of Stars trial. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of how to triumph over the Elder Mist in the Sea of Stars.

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How to beat Elder Mist in Sea of Stars

Follow the steps below to easily beat the Elder Mist in Sea of Stars.

Pre-fight preparation

Before rushing into a confrontation with Elder Mist in Sea of Stars, it's crucial to ensure that you're well-rested and fully prepared for combat, harnessing your complete potential. Additionally, take the time to craft an ample supply of healing orbs at the campfire site just before engaging in the battle.

Now, let's delve into understanding Elder Mist's attack patterns. He primarily employs two distinct features: a colossal punch and a menacing sword. While the giant punch may seem like the obvious threat, it can be easily evaded or blocked, by hitting X or A button. However, many players make the mistake of focusing on this cloud-like entity.

Pre combat preparation in Elder Mist
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Eliminate the sword first

Actually, the most pressing concern is the massive sword on Elder Mist's right side. This sword consistently lashes out whenever you confront him, causing substantial harm to you and your allies. Consequently, focusing on disabling the sword is crucial.

The sword possesses a total of 90 health, which means it might take a few turns to wear it down. However, it's important to note that this sword has a regenerative property, and it will reappear after some time. So, swiftly shift your focus back to the main boss while the sword is regenerating, and then you can repeat the process.

Eliminate sword first of Elder Mist
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Interrupt the Elder Mist's charge attacks

Elder Mist's ultimate attack is a charged move. When you notice Elder Mist gearing up for his next strike, it's vital to respond with an attack that matches his charging move, using the appropriate symbol when the charge meter appears. If you fail to halt his charge before his turn, he'll heal himself significantly, undoing much of your prior efforts.

Ensuring you follow all the above steps, you can beat Elder Mist in a matter of minutes!

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