Resident Evil 4 remake trophy list - How to get platinum

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Leon S. Kennedy looking up at a helicopter in Resident Evil 4 remake
March 28, 2023: Picked up Resident Evil 4 over the weekend? Check out the Resident Evil 4 remake trophy list below to work towards 100% completion!

The Resident Evil 4 remake trophy list is crucial knowledge for completionists looking to get the most out of this new horror game. Everyone knows that Resident Evil games tend to have some challenging achievements, and this latest remake is no exception.

In this guide, we'll break down all the trophies available in the new Resident Evil 4 remake. It's very different to the trophies added in the original game's HD remaster, so trophy hunters will have their work cut out.

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Resident Evil 4 remake trophy list

Trophy name Requirement
Cuz Boredom Kills MeObtain all trophies
Knife BasicsParry an enemy with a knife
My Preferred PieceUpgrade a weapon
A MasterpieceGet the exclusive upgrade for a weapon
Nice One, Stranger!Complete a request for the Merchant
Talk About Near-Death Experience!Rescue Ashley as she's being carried away by the enemy
Revolt Against the RevoltingDestroy a Clockwork Castellan
Harpoon HurlerDefeat Del Lago
Grilled Big CheeseDefeat Bitores Méndez
Wave Goodbye, Right HandDefeat the Verdugo
No Thanks, Bro!Defeat Ramón Salazar
You Used to Be a Good GuyDefeat Jack Krauser
You're Small Time!Defeat Osmund Saddler
Shield Your EyesDefeat 3 enemies at once with a flash grenade
Never Heard It ComingDefeat a Garrador using only knives
Two Bugs, One StoneKill 2 parasites inside a Regenerador with a single bullet
You Talk Too Much!Throw a grenade into Ramón Salazar's mouth
OverkillUse a cannon to defeat a zealot
Hope You Like Thrill Rides!Make it through both minecart sections in the underground tunnel without taking any damage
Capacity ComplianceReach the top of the clock tower without the lift stopping once
Smooth EscapeEscape on the water scooter without taking any damage
Astute AppraiserSell a single treasure for at least 100,000 ptas
BanditObtain all treasures indicated on the village treasure map in a single playthrough
RaiderObtain all treasures indicated on the raider treasure map in a single playthrough
BurglarObtain all treasures indicated on the island treasure map in a single playthrough
Gun FanaticObtain all weapons
Jack of All TradesComplete all requests from the Merchant
Revolution Wind-UpDestroy all Clockwork Castellans
Promising AgentComplete the main story on Standard mode or higher
Mission Accomplished S+Complete the main story on Standard mode with an S+ rank
Proficient AgentComplete the main story on Hardcore mode or higher
S+ Rank InvestigatorComplete the main story on Hardcore mode with an S+ rank
Peerless AgentComplete the main story on Professional mode
SprinterComplete the main story within 8 hours
FrugalistComplete the main story without using a recovery item
MinimalistComplete the main story using only knives and handguns (Excluding specific battles)
Silent StrangerComplete the main story without taking to the Merchant once
Amateur ShooterComplete a game at the shooting range
Real DeadeyeEarn an S rank in all games at the shooting range
Trick ShotShoot through and destroy 5 targets at the shooting range with a single shot

See the list above for the full Resident Evil 4 remake trophy list. There are 40 in total, which is a massive increase on the original game's re-releases, which mostly added story-based and collectible-focused achievements to hunt down.

This time around, the Resident Evil 4 remake trophies are more in line with other contemporary Resident Evil games. You've got the usual knife-only runs and speedrun requirements, as well as plenty of classic trophies focused on upgrading weapons and collecting treasures.

Therefore, if you're gunning for 100% completion in Resident Evil 4 remake, you'll need at least four or five total playthroughs, considering the various difficulties you'll need to beat the game on.

A dark hallway in the castle of Resident Evil 4 remake
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How do I get the platinum trophy or full Gamerscore in Resident Evil 4 remake?

As with all other games that add trophies and achievements, getting the platinum or the coveted 1,000 Gamerscore is no easy feat. In both cases, you'll have to get each and every achievement on the list above. It's no walk in the park, and will easily take more than 50 hours to attain.


Given just how many times you'll have to replay Leon S. Kennedy's classic adventure, strap in for plenty of gameplay.

That's it for our look at the Resident Evil 4 remake trophy list! For even more on the game, feel free to check out the best weapons, as well as our guide to the Saddler boss fight.

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